“In the end.. extreme choice” Im Chang-jung and Seo Ha-yan were surprised by the public health of their sons.


SBS ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2-You Are My Destiny’, Channel A ‘You can’t cheat blood’

Singer and actor Recent status of Im Jun-seong, the second son of Im Chang-jung and Seo Ha-yanIt has been revealed and is attracting attention.

Previously, Im Chang-jung and Seo Ha-yan got married in 2017 after overcoming the 18-year age gap. Jun-woo Lim, Jun-seong Lim, Jun-ho Lim, Jun-jae Lim, Jun-pyo Lim, five sonsand is reporting the current situation through broadcasting activities.

SBS ‘Dongsang Imong 2-You are my destiny’

Last July, in SBS ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2-You Are My Destiny’, Lim Chang-jung revealed his daily life as ‘Five Brothers’ Dad’.

On this day, Lim Chang-jung worried about the children, saying, “Why can’t the children do what I want?” Especially Lim Chang-jung’s anger explodes because of the deviations made by Lim Jun-sung, his second son, who should focus on golf practice.I did.

TV Chosun 'Golf King'

TV Chosun ‘Golf King’

Lim Jun-sung posted on his Instagram. It’s not a golf practice photo, it’s a ‘boyfriend picture’While raising , in the game The result of the match was not good as the female fans’ concentration was shaken and the mentality was not captured.gave birth to

Lim Chung-jung, who pointed out Jun-sung Lim’s active social network service (SNS) activities “I thought I was an influencer,” complainedAfter revealing Mother Seo Ha-yan also said, “It’s not a golf swing, but a picture of my boyfriend, so we got serious.”he added.

SBS 'Dongsang Imong 2-You are my destiny'

SBS ‘Dongsang Imong 2-You are my destiny’

In the phone call with his son, Im Chang-jung “Why did you ruin the match? Why are you interested in ashes?”asked and immediately “Do you know how much tuition is per year? My neck is torn to pay for your tuition.”‘ He sternly urged his son in a bitter voice.

'Lim Jun-seong' Instagram

‘Lim Jun-seong’ Instagram

In response, his second son, Im Jun-seong, posted on his Instagram story on the 5th. The current situation of deciding to go to Canada to study golf said.

Fans’ request to post their status even after going to CanadaLim Jun-seong said, “I’m leaving. Many of you must have been wondering (in Canada) maybe I don’t think I’ll do TikTok, even if I do, I’ll post it in a few months or not, I hardly ever post on Instagram and only DM.” and “You have to remember my face. promise,” he urged.

Channel A 'Blood can't be deceived'

Channel A ‘Blood can’t be deceived’

Also in the past he Appeared on TV as a ‘golf prospect’One aspect is being re-examined. Lim Chang-jung and Lim Jun-seong appeared on Channel A’s ‘Super DNA – Blood Can’t Cheat’ and showed off their golf skills in the semi-electric game.

on the air Lim Chang-jung, ‘entertainment golfer’As he was known, he showed off his excellent golf skills. Jun-seong Lim also has a perfect swing and carries a distance of 247.3m.It proved the power of genes by striking them with admiration.

'Seo White' Instagram

‘Seo White’ Instagram

On the other hand, on the 6th, the day after the news of Im Jun-sung studying abroad in Canada, Seo Ha-yan posted on his Instagram, “Jun-sung is going to do big things, from studying English to golf. (Recently, Jun-woo also said he would go, so I made a reservation, but Jun-woo isn’t in the picture because it’s full, but he’s on a plane next to the same time…!!)

go go go I will go to school counseling and set up so that I can study and exercise in a good environment! (Feat. Kkakdugi Junjae)” along with a photo of him waiting at the airport with his second son Im Jun-seong and fourth son Lim Jun-jae.

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