“Because of my young son”…Mad Clown shed tears at the belated divorce confession

Mad Clown Instagram

It is regrettable that rapper Mad Clown suffered the pain of divorce as it became known late.

According to music industry officials on September 22, 2022, Mad Clown divorced her ex-wife in 2021 after 5 years of marriage.

According to officials, Mad Clown and his ex-wife have agreed to end their marriage amicably. Also, according to TenAsia, although the mother has custody of the son, he is known to be working hard to raise the son while continuing to communicate with his ex-wife and son. There was no specific reason for the divorce.

Mad Clown’s ex-wife is a non-celebrity, and it is known that she did not publicly announce the divorce because she was still young.

Mad Clown Instagram

Mad Clown announced the news of marriage with a non-celebrity whom she had been dating for 3 years in May 2016. The occupation, age, etc. of her wife at her time were unknown. She currently has one child with two, a son they gave birth to in 2017.

Netizens responded to the news, saying, “Ah… it’s so sad…” ,”My son would be very sad to see the article…”,”It’s so sad…” It must be really hard..” and “Be strong” followed.

Mad Clown, who has built a reputation through steady activities

Mad Clown Born in 1985, he is 38 years old and is a Korean-American rapper active in Korea. His trademark round glasses are his trademark.


According to the interview and video mentioned, I was born in the United States with my father, who was studying for a doctorate in the United States, and I grew up in Korea with my father, who returned home from the age of one.

After living in Ansan, I went to Canada to study in my second year of middle school, and I studied in Colorado, USA for high school and college. He was an introvert at the time, so there were times when he didn’t talk all day, and when he was in college, he ate alone. And while he was taking college classes in the US, he said, “I want to go to Korea,” and cried out loud and called home. Eventually, I returned to Korea in 2005 when I was 20 years old.

As a member of the hip-hop crew Soul Company, he announced his skills in the hip-hop world and released his first official digital single ‘Luv Sickness’ in 2008. In 2013, he participated in Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 2’ and rose to the top 4, raising the value of his name, and was active as a producer in ‘Show Me the Money 5’ and ‘Show Me the Money 8’, which were broadcast in 2016 and 2019, respectively.


The two biggest characteristics of Mad Clown are delivery and strong lyrics. It is famous for presenting the most impressively piercing high-tone voice in Korean hip-hop, as well as a rap that breaks through the beat with only rapping and clear dictation.

Mad Clown, who is also a rapper with ‘sound source power’, has achieved good results on the charts with a number of songs such as ‘I’m good enough’ and ‘I can’t find my house’. Last March, he sang the webtoon ‘Marriage Instead of Death’ OST ‘My Love is Pain’.

In 2018, he broke up with his agency, Starship Entertainment, and established Sameside Company, and is now standing alone. He even shared the news of his father in May.

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