I’m Young-sook in the 10th solo, and Sang-cheol turned around after showing a crush on him, and I was confused.

I’m Young-sook in the 10th solo, and Sang-cheol turned around after showing a crush on him, and I was confused.
I’m Young-sook in the 10th solo, and Sang-cheol turned around after showing a crush on him, and I was confused.

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[한국농업신문=김진혁 기자] I SOLO'(i am solo)Go on a random date Romance of the chaosopened.

21aired ENA PLAY, SBS PLUS ‘I SOLO’In a random date, Esau is thrown into chaos. solo country 10addresslove line revealed. In particular, Hyun-sook re-appeared between Yeong-cheol and Yeong-ja, who were considered to be an official couple, creating a chewy tension., Jeong-suk was confused when he realized Sang-cheol’s inner feelings after showing a crush on him..

Entering Solo‘ 3morning tea, Youngchul, who improved his condition by riding a bicycle, gives juice for young children. 2I grabbed a glass and headed to the girls’ dormitory.. Youngja saw Yeongcheol sitting in the scorching sun with the parasol spread out in fear of the cold juice of the juice. I’ve been wanting to see you since morning?”Saying aegyo I like strong women?”asked. Yeongcheol-eun If it counts like this“~answer a couple was bornIs 3MCprovoked a stormy reaction of.

Jeong-suk in front of single women Thousands insidesayingOnebigOne He expressed frustration towards Sang-cheol, who changed his attitude after a date.. Jeong Sook-eun in front of many people (like angry) if you do that, other people are uncomfortable. I don’t understand why Dolsing, who has even raised children, is not so considerate.complained. But Sang-cheol is quiet as if nothing happened, I went shopping with Youngsu.rain cool! non-gentle! OK?”He treated Jeong-suk kindly.. Jeong-suk’s heart softened I SOLO’ She showed meticulousness by buying a separate cake for Sang-cheol, whose birthday coincided with the shooting time..

Hyun-sook summons Young-ho. 1:1 asked for a conversation. Young-ho enjoys the conversation with Hyun-sook, butBallet was beautiful, but it was a bit burdensome. If a woman is excessively attractive, it will rather be noticed.confessed. Then Hyunsuk The most important thing is that the conversation becomes tiki-takasaid, He opened a one-day ballet class for Yeongho and created a pink atmosphere with a subtle touch..

If so, Young-su looked at Sang-cheol who seemed to be getting closer to Jeong-sook again. I want to talk for a whilerequested .Following I want to talk with Jungsook today, so if I have a date, I would choose Jungsook.declared war. In response, Sang-cheol do what you are comfortable withreplied. the reception Sangcheol seems to make me uncomfortable, I hope we get along well even when we go outasked.

Jung-sook, who became more confused by Sang-cheol’s ups and downs, tells the solo girls. Young-soo is married, Sangcheol is like a romantic partner. I do not know what should I dosaid. After a while, Jeong-suk made a chicken stir-fry soup and fed everyone to their full stomach., After dinner, Hyun-sook was in charge of washing the dishes.. At this time, Yeong-cheol delivered the dishes to Hyeon-suk to wash the dishes., Hyun Sook Eun What is Yeongcheol doing?? see only English. who is getting married? Who will make tomorrow’s wedding invitation?”pretending to be a joke.

yet solo country 10addressdecided to foretell fate with a random date. Wearing a man-to-man T-shirt with each letter written on it, the production team decided in advance. word of fateThe way couples who are paired with random dateat, EnglishEnglish character, quietYeongcheol, Sunjamineral water, Young-sookYoungsu, OksunYeongho, SangcheolHyunsook became a lucky mate. At this time, solo women such as Jeong-suk Find out what your date is and share it with each other.made a promise.

Afterwards, on a random date, Young-sook is ordered by Jeong-sook.(?)Road, to the receptionist Jung-sook unnie wants to know both Sang-cheol and Young-soo.I thought quietly. the reception I couldn’t talk because Jeong-sook was with Sang-cheol at every opportunity.as Jungsook is so up(UP) if it seems to be, I’m going on a date to protect myself.exposing the aspect of pure love, causing Yeong-sook’s vicarious heartbeat. Young-sook I hope Jung-sook unnie and Young-soo do well.cheered the two.

Young-cheol, who goes on a random date with Jeong-suk, “(Sang-cheol) I think the attitude has changed because of Jung-sook’s tension part.as I don’t think raising the mood on set doesn’t help.advised. Only then did Jeong-suk realize why Sang-cheol had changed. I have a lot of thoughtsHe said upset. Then, Jeong-suk Hyun-sook said that Yeong-cheol had a heart, but didn’t know what to do.saying, I conveyed Hyunsook’s heart. In response, Yeong-cheol I thought you didn’t want to recognize me, I want to talk quicklyHe left open the possibility of development with Hyun-sook..

Hyun-sook started dating Sang-cheol. Some of our girls want to chat with Sangcheol.. Are you going straight to Jung-sook??”He told me to treat single women with an open attitude.. After that, Youngho started a random date. I also wanted to talk with Oksun-nim.and went straight, spirit to spirit you are the closest to meand appealed by geographical distance. Youngjae at this I’m going to meet you?”He responded with an aegyo, causing goosebumps..

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