Celebrity who divorced her husband arrested for ’20 billion fraud’… Horrible wealth level revealed

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Kim Na-young, who became a single mother after her ex-husband was arrested for operating an illegal gambling establishment, is a hot topic. Recently, it was reported that she became the owner of the 9.9 billion Gangnam building. Kim Na-young’s house, property, boyfriend, remarriageis also drawing attention.

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Broadcaster Kim Na-young married a non-celebrity in 2015, but in 2018, her ex-husband set up a private illegal gambling company and earned 20 billion won in unfair profits, and announced the divorce after 4 years.

Since then, Kim Na-young, who received a lot of support for her appearance of raising two sons as a single mother on a TV show, has been in a public relationship with singer MyQ since November of last year.

The two shared their love affair while living in Jeju with their children, and shared the news of moving together.

Photo = Kim Na-young's Instagram
Photo = Kim Na-young’s Instagram

The news that Kim Na-young, who overcame her wounds and lives a happy life, bought a building worth 9.9 billion won in Yeoksam-dong and became the owner of the building.

According to the Maeil Business News report on September 14, Kim Na-young purchased a building with one basement and two floors above the ground in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul in July in her personal name. The price of the building is 9.9 billion won, and it is known that Kim Na-young received a loan of 4.7 billion won. The building is a type 1 exclusive residential area, and cafes on all floors are in operation.

Kim Na-young is known to have borrowed about 4.7 billion won to purchase the building. This building was purchased by a corporation for 7.69 billion won in July last year, and the price increased by more than 2 billion won in one year.

Photo = Naver Map
Photo = Naver Map

Netizens are congratulating the news that Kim Na-young has become the owner of the building. Kim Na-young, who raised her children brightly despite the pain of her family being broken, continued the wish that she could live her broadcasting life and raise her children with more peace of mind in the future.

However, some people are worried about Kim Na-young, who has become the owner of a building in Gangnam and is envious.

Eight Building Brokerage Corporation Director Jeon Gye-woong said, “It seems that Kim Na-young purchased it at a higher price than the actual transaction cases around it.

Photo = Kim Na-young's Instagram
Photo = Kim Na-young’s Instagram

Park Jong-chan, an appraiser, also insisted, “In fact, it is safe to say that it is the highest price that is difficult to come out again among similar properties nearby.”

He said, “Kim Na-young must have looked at the capital gains from the building and purchased it, but the income rate will be very low.” That’s about it,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kim Na-young recently reported that she had recently moved to Hannam-dong for the convenience of her son’s elementary school entrance and activities.

Photo = Kim Na-young's Instagram
Photo = Kim Na-young’s Instagram

Kim Na-young recently posted a picture of herself sitting on a chair on the terrace of the house she moved into with the caption, “The holiday is over” on Instagram. “She left her home where she lived for 3 years and 6 months,” she said earlier on her own YouTube channel ‘Kim Na-young’s No Filter TV’. The new house has 3 bathrooms. It’s the house she mentioned, “She’s inclined, she’s inclined.”

Kim Na-young, who shared the news of the double slope from purchasing the building in Yeoksam-dong to moving to Hannam-dong, donated 100 million won to the female heads of households with her own money in the first half of 22nd in YouTube advertising revenue.

Kim Na-young, who donates all YouTube profits every year, is receiving a lot of applause by donating 50 million won in the first half of 2021, 100 million won in the second half of 2021, and another 100 million won in the first half of 22.

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