“I’m going to stop broadcasting now”…Lee Hyori cut her hair and found the place after 2 months

Two months after singer Lee Hyori announced that she would stop broadcasting, she caught the attention of netizens when she was caught in a photo shoot with an unfamiliar hairstyle.

On September 21, 2022, a fashion magazine recently released a pictorial with Lee Hyori. In this pictorial, Hyori Lee showed off her stylish style as if expressing the pinnacle of her French chic.


Hyori Lee wore a silhouette and showed off her wide-ranging concept in colorful attire from a clothing brand featuring flowing expressions. In particular, Hyori Lee’s short hair style stood out. The drastic transformation arouses the admiration of the viewers.

Why Lee Hyori cut her hair short


Hyori Lee appeared on an entertainment program two months ago and gathered topics by revealing the reason why she cut her hair short.

In July, in MBC’s entertainment show ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’, comedian Hong Hyun-hee and Jay-Won couple visited Jeju Island’s Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyori couple and lit their faces. On this day, Lee Hyori, who greeted Hong Hyun-hee warmly on the show, was seen asking, “Isn’t her hair so short that it’s awkward?” referring to her short hair style.

Hyeon-hee Hong, who had always claimed to be a passionate fan of Hyori Lee, praised her, saying, “It looks like a foreign actress,” and Jay-Won also praised her hairstyle, saying, “It’s Senorita.” Previously, Hyori Lee had complained to her fans in her fan club ‘Hyori Together’, saying, “She cut her hair at a local hairdresser and it was ruined.” His hairstyle, which Hyori Lee claimed was ruined, was the signature hairstyle of former soccer player Kim Byeong-ji, a ‘wolf cut’ reminiscent of the ponytail.


As for the reason Lee Hyori cut her hair like this, “‘Seoul Check-in’ is over, and I wanted to cut the broadcast a little bit, so I cut it with that in mind, but I just contacted you, so I had a haircut in a hurry. Originally, it was about the length of my hair.”He said and made me laugh. In addition, Lee Sang-soon, who was happy to see this figure, said, “Hyo-ri is pretty no matter what she does,” revealing her love affair.

​​​​​​​A shocking career… A star whose life itself is in its prime

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori was born in 1979 and is 44 years old, a South Korean singer and broadcaster. She was a member and leader of the four-member girl group Fin.K.l, and was one of the best singers to win the Music Awards for each period of the ’90s, 2000s, and 2010s.



He was considered one of the best fashionistas leading the fashion in the clothing industry in the 2000s, and in the 2000s advertising and broadcasting industry, he was a handsome entertainer who won the Best Model Award as a ‘Singer’, beating out the ‘Actresses’ who were called the best CF stars of the time. .

He was a trend setter who broke the industry’s prejudice against Korean idol-turned-solo singers, and had a great influence in breaking down negative social prejudices against women’s sexy images, leading various cultures in Korea and making them fashionable. He was one of the broadcasters who got a great response by convincing people with his words and actions by confronting prejudice head-on.



On September 1, 2013, after leaving ‘Seoul’ with marriage and going to ‘Jeju Island’, the news was cut off as if he had left the entertainment industry as his activities gradually decreased. Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast Season 2, Camping Club in 2019, Sprout Three and Refund Expedition in 2020, and Seoul Check-in in 2022, appearing in ‘Average about 1 episode per year’ has reassured fans who miss Lee Hyori.

Meanwhile, we have been informed of the current situation with the news that the reservation system cafe in Jeju Island, run by Lee Hyori’s husband Lee Sang-soon, is temporarily closed due to typhoon ‘Hinnamno’. The cafe is currently open again.

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