“Isn’t that someone else?” A national actor who appeared with a shocking face…in fact, he was suffering from ‘this disease’

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Actor Ahn Sung-ki recently received concerns from fans with a completely changed face. blood cancer battle factsThis has been revealed and is attracting attention. In this regard, Ahn Sung-ki past faceclass blood cancer symptomsIt is a topic until now.

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Ahn Sung-ki said in a phone interview with the Chosun Ilbo on September 16, “He has been battling the disease for over a year since he developed blood cancer.” He even received chemotherapy, and it is said that his health has improved recently and he has been able to go out.

Previously, Ahn Sung-ki attended the opening ceremony of ‘Director Bae Chang-ho’s special exhibition’ held at CGV Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 15th. On this day, Ahn Sung-ki, who went on stage with the support of actor Kim Bo-yeon, greeted with a rather weak voice while wearing a wig.

Contrary to what the public remembers, he had a swollen face and a lot of eyebrows missing. Netizens who saw Ahn Sung-ki’s appearance were worried about the elderly Ahn’s health.

photo = YTN
photo = YTN

Netizens said, “It is completely different from the appearance in the movie ‘Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon’ filmed in May-September 2020. I am concerned that he may have a health problem.”, “The appearance of Seonggi Ahn in my memory has changed a lot. I hope that he will recover his health quickly and show the acting of a famous actor again.”

There was also a reaction that the hairstyle was awkward, but it turned out to be a wig. In this regard, Ahn Sung-ki confessed, “If I take off my wig, I have bald hair.” He left the movie theater that day without seeing the opening film ‘People in the Village’ (1982).

Meanwhile, Ahn Sung-ki fell from overwork ahead of the release of the movie ‘Paper Flower’ in October 2020, and was hospitalized for over 10 days.

photo = Yonhap News
photo = Yonhap News

Last May, he did not show up at the funeral of actor Kang Su-yeon, whom he was close to, and it made people wonder. Regarding this, Ahn Sung-ki said, “I went late (to receive chemotherapy).” At the same time, he vowed, “I couldn’t go to ‘Hansan’ stage greeting because of this hair. I can’t work with this hair, and I will come back with a healthier appearance.”

Ahn Sung-ki’s agency has always denied the rumors about his health, but he made an official statement on the same day as he revealed the fact that he was fighting the disease.

Artist Company said, “Ahn Seong-gi is currently undergoing treatment for blood cancer, and is improving as much as he usually manages thoroughly. I will do it,” he said.

What kind of blood cancer is it?

Photo = Getty Images Bank.
Photo = Getty Images Bank.

Hematological cancer refers to cancer that occurs in components that make up blood, such as white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. The exact cause of the outbreak is not known, but it is believed to be influenced by △radiation exposure, △chemical products, △smoking, and △viral infection.

Early symptoms include fatigue, weakness, and facial paleness from anemia. As the disease progresses, symptoms such as swollen gums, enlarged liver and spleen, and swollen lymph nodes may appear. This can happen.

Treatment is mostly chemotherapy. Depending on the condition, bone marrow transplantation or local radiation therapy may be performed. Prevention is difficult because the exact cause is unknown, but exposure to the aforementioned risk factors should be avoided. If the lymph node lumps under the neck, armpits, groin, etc. are hard to touch and get bigger, it is better to visit a hospital and get an accurate diagnosis.

Photo = Heo Ji-woong's Instagram/News 1
Photo = Heo Ji-woong’s Instagram/News 1

Previously, broadcaster Ji-woong Heo was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma and was cured after fighting the disease. On the same day that the news of Ahn Sung-ki’s battle with blood cancer was announced, Heo Ji-woong posted on his SNS, “I read the article about Dr. Ahn Sung-ki’s battle with blood cancer.”

He continued, “Even if it’s disgusting and difficult, I hope you eat a lot during cancer.” “Even if it’s not a healthy diet, I definitely helped.”

Meanwhile, Ahn Sung-ki was born in 1952 and is 70 years old this year. He made his debut in the 1957 film ‘Twilight Train’. After working as a child actor for over 10 years, Han Sung-ki started with ‘Soldiers and Ladies’ (1977), ‘A Nice Day When the Wind Blows’ (1980), ‘Deep Blue Night’ (1984), and ‘Two Cops’ (1993). ), ‘Silmido’ (2003), ‘Radio Star’ (2006), ‘Broken Arrow’ (2011), etc. appeared in 100 works, such as the national actor ranks.

He achieved the ‘triple crown’ by winning all three of Korea’s top three film awards, the Blue Dragon Film Awards, the Baeksang Arts Awards, and the Daejong Awards.

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