BoA’s hate comments and disappointing viewership ratings… ‘Smanpa’ tops the list in popularity

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The male version of Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ (hereinafter ‘Swoopa’), which caused a dance syndrome in Korea last year, has been at the center of the topic every day.

According to the Content Impact Assessment Index (CPI) of the second week of September (5-11) announced by CJ ENM on the 22nd, ‘Smanpa’ overtook the popular drama ‘Little Women’ to take first place. The CPI index is 396.8, far ahead of ‘Little Women’ (292.4).

The first episode’s ratings were 1.3%, which is higher than the first episode’s ratings (0.8%), which is higher than that of the first episode of ‘Smanpa’. and showed a strong presence.

Zico’s ‘Saep’, which was choreographed by Bata, the leader of the dance crew We Dam Boys, was choreographed by BTS V, and NCT’s Jisung, ITZY’s Yeji and Ryujin participated in the dance challenge. The video has garnered 43,000 views on YouTube.

However, it is disappointing in terms of audience reaction and ratings. ‘Swoopa’ started with a rating of 0% and showed a steady rise, recording a rating of 2.6% in the fourth episode, while ‘Smanfa’ stayed in the early 1% range and failed to rebound. Its highest rating so far is 1.9% (4 episodes).

In addition, some criticize that the ‘sman wave’ is more provocative than necessary among viewers. Judge Boa complained of the pain of malicious comments and delivered a hardline response.

In the previous broadcast on the 20th, Prime Kings and Bank to Brothers had a battle for the losers. While the battle was held on a best-of-five system, in the final fight in a 2v2 situation, the Fight Judge (Judge) Boa, Super Junior Eunhyuk, and 2PM Wooyoung unanimously supported Bank to Brothers, and the Prime Kings were ultimately eliminated.

However, some netizens who were dissatisfied with the removal of Prime Kings left malicious comments on BoA’s SNS. In the end, on the 21st, BoA said, “It’s not that the judges decide the battle team. Would you have done less if Bank to Brothers fell? I get tired of thinking like this every time,” he said.

In an official statement, SM Entertainment, the management company, said, “Malicious comments, comments, defamation, and personal insults are being posted and distributed indiscriminately on various online communities, SNS, and portal sites including BoA’s personal SNS account.” This is clearly illegal and subject to strong legal action. In order to protect the character and honor of the artist without ignoring the current situation, we have already collected data on illegal acts that are taking place online and are preparing to file a complaint. will,” he said.

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