‘High School Dad 2’ Hari-bin, despite the explanation of ‘manipulated broadcast’… “No contact, mental victory, it’s ridiculous”

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[OSEN=김나연 기자] ‘High School Dad 2’ Hari-bin rebutted the controversy over the manipulation of broadcasting and the clarification of the production team.

On the 22nd, Haribin captured and uploaded an article containing the position of the production team of ‘Goingham Daddy 2’ in his Instagram story.

Previously, Harbin claimed that the production team of ‘High School Dad 2’ saved their number under Haribin’s name and made 13 calls to her husband. .

Not only that, the PD told her husband, ‘Take a drink after losing contact to bring out my anxiety. He raised the suspicion of ‘manipulated broadcasting’, saying that it was edited as if it was done.

However, in relation to this, the ‘Going Umpa 2’ side said, “When the ‘Going Umpa’ performers meet with MCs during the studio recording, the production team watches the broadcast together with the cast and asks the performers to confirm whether there is any modification. In the process of recording, actor Haribin said that the conversation with her grandmother came out as if she was talking on the phone with her husband.

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He continued, “It is true that there was some part of the production team’s intervention under the mutual agreement with Haribin, but the production team never made a separate request or directed the performers’ actions. Nevertheless, if there are any parts that have hurt the performers and their families, we deeply apologize for that. We will do our best to resolve misunderstandings and conflicts in the future.”

Even with this explanation, Haribin said, “We didn’t intend to do that, and to be honest, it’s true that there was some exaggeration, but you didn’t ask for it to be corrected. I’m sorry that you were offended. Is this this?”

He rebutted, “Isn’t the 13 phone calls a hoax? It’s not a separate request to make the phone call? In the end, even asking my grandmother for a recipe for stir-fried squid was done by calling her husband.” Then he added, “It’s ridiculous. They say they’ll contact you, but there’s no contact, and there’s no mental victory.” “Make a lot of money.”

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