Choi Yeo-jin confession “I really liked Lee Kyu-han oppa” ‘As you wish’

Choi Yeo-jin confession “I really liked Lee Kyu-han oppa” ‘As you wish’
Choi Yeo-jin confession “I really liked Lee Kyu-han oppa” ‘As you wish’

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[한국농업신문=김진혁 기자] MBN’blind tourthe way you want Shin Ae-raPark Ha-sun 12Lee Kyu-han, the old-timerChoi Yeo-jin goes on her third trip to Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do, Celebrity representative male friendgirlfriend’s redemption unionHe robbed his eyes by operating.

22aired MBN Hyper realism travel entertainment program blind tourthe way you want‘(below the way you want‘) 5Shin Ae-ra as a travel guide in HuaHe made a relationship with Park Ha-sun through a sitcom.10Kyu-han Lee, who has been in friendship for over a yearYeojin Choi’s travel diary in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do Oneshot was fired.

Park Ha-sun, who was the first to arrive at the opening on this day, to Shin Ae-ra. When the camera rotates, it rotates with(?) minuteintroduced Yeojin Choi.. Choi Yeo-jin, who appeared full of energy as they expected, took on Lee Kyu-han. my swearing acting masterintroduced that, Lee Kyu-han, who appeared with a huge carrier, I’m living right these daysHe made a quick explanation and laughed.. Then they are nearby SNS to the shooting spot life shot I tried to take, Kyu-han Lee and Yeo-jin Choi, who were taking pictures with the concept of lovers, were holding each other’s wrists. Look at him”, “oh i hate to take pictures!”said from the beginning Two-to-one chemistryexploded.

While moving to the dorm, Lee Kyu-han and Choi Yeo-jin recalled their first meeting.. “12We met on a sitcom a year ago., Even though we weren’t in opposite roles, we got along well when we acted the end, Shin Ae-ra honestly really, Did you not have any feelingsasked. In this regard, Yeojin Choi i really liked my brother. I borrowed the proposal scene and even confessedand confessed, Kyu-Han Lee Didn’t you talk about it then?And while tremblingAt the time, I only thoughtanswer me Some controversyhas closed. Arriving at the dormitory, they unpacked their luggage and headed to the famous makguksu restaurant according to Lee Kyu-han’s own schedule.30After waiting more than a minute honey had lunch together.

I have a boyfriend on the way to Jaein FallsThe girlfriend’s subtle atmosphere continued. Yeojin Choi I had a car accident a few years ago., When I was panicking, Kyu-han oppa appeared like a superhero and took care of the accident.after sayingEven when my father passed away a few years ago, he was by my side until the last burial.It is revealed that Shin Ae-raWhat caused Park Ha-sun’s applause. shy Lee Kyu-han I still didn’t buy rice.and joked, Yeojin Choi just say it like that, Actually, I can’t pay for the meal.He praised the late Lee Kyu-han. In an interview with the production crew that followed, Yeojin Choi Gyuhan oppa is my benefactor and refuge. Even if you don’t contact me, I’ll protect you with confidence, While taking great care of youHe expressed his deep gratitude.

Following 4Inbang went on a kayak tour to the Imjin River., Gyu-han Lee ambitiously proposes to prepare dinner and wash the dishes, and Shin Ae-raXKyu-han Lee vs Park Ha-sunXThe match between Choi Yeo-jin’s team has been completed.. Shin Ae-ra after a tight matchXKyuhan Lee’s team wins, Park Ha-sunXChoi Yeo-jin is in charge of dinner, but, Kyu-Han Lee Actually, I prepared dinner in advance.said to impress everyone. Returning to the dorm, they had a delicious dinner with Lee Gyu Han-pyo Gochujang Stew and BBQ., They enjoyed entertainment with beer and seemed to become more intimate..

As the atmosphere ripens, to two people named Shin Ae. How did you come to live on this trip?asked. Yeojin Choi like the program title the way you want I’m livingasThanks to Kyu-han oppa, I learned water leisure, Retired from his fierce life and enjoying a rural life. I found a happy life and work balancesaid. On the other hand, Lee Kyu-han Something bad happened last year, It’s been a confusing timeas I thought about doing something else, but I didn’t know how to do anything other than acting.He carefully confided. “Looking back, he found many plans tormenting Kyu-Han Lee now as it flows, I want to live without a planand show a more comfortable appearance, The tour group’s day ended happily.

After the broadcast, viewers Truly a no-nonsense boyfriendIt’s a girlfriend’s staple.! Kyu-han LeeChoi Yeo-jin’s chemistry was full of laughter throughout the broadcast.”, “In the past green lightwas, Now is wrappingbetween two people close to? 12I envy the loyalty of the year”, “Park Ha-sun, who exploded with enthusiasm for the role of guideLee Kyu-han’s exciting confrontation composition was also a point of laughter.”, “eldest sister Shin Ae-ra Ara Counseling Center open today! Unknowingly, I fell in love with the candid conversations of the four people who finished their schedules.”, “mukbangactivityup to torque Comprehensive gift set It was the same time! Yeoncheon Travel Journal 2I’m so looking forward to the bullet~” sent a warm response..

Meanwhile MBN’blind tourthe way you wantis the purity 100%’no plan-NO Set A hyper-realism travel entertainment that contains the travel stories of old friends., every thursday night 10city 20minutes are broadcast.

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