After a date with Jong-su, the 4th general shaman, the quiet 2nd term, I had tea for the time being.

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4th grade shaman Jeong-sook announced that she would not be dating for the time being.

In the SBS PLUS, ENA ‘I’m SOLO’ spin-off ‘I SOLO: Love Continues’, which aired on the 22nd, the blind date scene of the 4th shaman Jeong-sook of the 4th and Jong-su of the 2nd and the solo life of Ok-soon of the 7th group were drawn.

On this day, Jeongsuk of the 4th class said, “I did a dash to Youngsik, the 3rd class taekwondo leader. But I kept my distance. Thirty-six sects lined up.” After that, she mentioned Jong-su in the 2nd period, and she expressed her sincerity by saying that she said, “I like him very much.” She promised to meet her while she actively dashes by calling Jong-soo from the 2nd gen.

A few days later, the two met and headed to the outskirts in Jong-su’s car. When the two arrived at the valley, they ate Neungi Baeksuk and talked a lot. During the conversation, Jongsu said, “I understand all occupations and religions. You don’t have to force it on me.” After a while, Jeong-sook and Jong-su went into the valley water and played in the water, and Jong-su showed off a sweet side of wiping Jeong-sook’s feet.

However, Jung-sook told the production team, “It seems they don’t like me.” She heard Jung-sook’s reasons for this, based on a few hints. In fact, Jongsu then went straight on when Jeongsuk said, “Would you like to watch the 4th season of SOLO together?” She vaguely replied, “Let’s watch one episode (together).”

/Photo=SBS PLUS, ENA ‘I’m SOLO: Love Continues’ Broadcast Screen

Jung-sook said, “I got rid of it as soon as I applied for after-sales.” After finishing her date, Jongsu said to the production team, “Honestly, it doesn’t seem right.” In the end, she confessed, “I don’t want to see anyone for a while.”

When Ok-soon of the 7th maternal solo appeared on the screen, special MC Koh Cho-hee greeted her with the same name even more, saying, “Ok-soon~”. In the 7th year, Ok-soon said, “After ‘I’m SOLO’, many people asked if she was really single,” she said. She then said, “At the time of ‘I’m SOLO’, her mother asked if she wasn’t even on the crew,” she revealed, making her laugh.

In fact, Ok-soon’s mother, who put her daughter’s application in ‘I’m SOLO’, visited the production team on that day as well and expressed her earnestness. When she met with the crew, her mother said she was “take responsibility” all the time. She continued, she added, adding that she “is desperate.”

Ok-soon’s mother said, “Among the cast members, Gwang-soo from the 7th season was good,” and pointed at the groom. Regarding this, the production team asked Ok-soon himself, “How about Kwang-soo?” She drew her line by replying that Ok-soon said, “She’s a lot better than what I’ve seen in solo country. But now I’m just a comfortable person.”

Also, in response to her mother’s earnest heart, Ok-soon made a monumental first contact, saying, “I will contact my friend to arrange a blind date.” However, when she received a reply from her friend, Ok-soon said, “I don’t think it will be this minute. She has a girlfriend, so she’s getting married.” She caused everyone to sigh. MC Defconn, who watched Ok-soon’s solo life, cheered, saying, “She hopes that Mr. Ok-soon will have a love that makes her cry on a rainy day.”

By Kang Min-kyung, staff reporter for Tenasia [email protected]

The article is in Korean

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