‘I’m Solo’ 10th generation Young-sik and Young-ho, Young-sook’s triangle romance composition “It’s like I’m dreaming”

In ‘I am SOLO’, ‘the world of the jungle’ unfolds.

SBS PLUS and ENA PLAY’s real dating program ‘I’m SOLO’ released a trailer containing the romance landscape of ‘Solo Nara 10 Street’, which changed 180 degrees after random dating raged ahead of the broadcast on the 28th (Wednesday).


In the trailer released by the production team, the crisis situation of all couples who seemed to go straight to the final selection as an ‘official couple’ is caught and attracts attention.

Together with the production team’s shout of “date ticket”, the 10th male and female, who became random dating partners of fate, run through ‘Solo Nara 10 Street’ in a two-person tripod. He feeds them and takes the mission seriously.

Young-sik said, “How can I use the date ticket tonight… ” and thinks about other single men’s inner thoughts, and Young-ho goes out saying “It’s also a battle of the eyes”, giving a foreboding of the unknown future direction of romance.

In addition, Young-sik and Young-ho are shocked by the composition that seems to be unfolding a ‘triangle romance’ with Young-sook this time. Young-ho blew a ‘romantic stone ball’, saying, “I can say with certainty that the person I like the most here is Young-sook,” and Young-sik exploded his characteristic ‘heart-beating comment’, saying, “Okay, I think I’m dreaming right now.” Why are you crying?” draws a heartfelt response from Young-sook.


Here, Jeong-sook tells Hyun-sook and Ok-soon, “You have a heart, and you also have a heart,” conveying the sweet inside of a single man to Hyun-sook and Ok-soon. He seems to be very angry, foretelling the repercussions of ‘Solo Nara 10 Street’.

Furthermore, Youngja confesses, “Once it breaks, it will not come back.” Defconn, who immediately checked something with the VCR, was over-immersed in “Oh, oh, I’m going!”, so it was very hard to see what kind of shock happened to ‘Solo Nara 10’. attention is drawn

The rapidly changing romance of the 10th dolsing can be seen on ‘I am SOLO’ broadcast on SBS PLUS and ENA PLAY at 10:30 pm on the 28th (Wednesday).

The article is in Korean

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