‘I’m Solo’ 10th dolshing Youngja, Youngcheol and crack? Yeong-sik, Ok-soon and Hyun-sook followed by Young-sook Hyang-hana

SBS Plus, ENA Play

(Seoul = News 1) Reporter Jang Ah-reum = ‘The World of the Jungle’ was announced in ‘I’m Solo’. It raises the question of whether there has been a crack between Young-cheol and Young-ja, who seemed to have become an ‘official couple’, or whether Young-sik is heading towards Young-sook.

SBS PLUS and ENA PLAY’s real dating program ‘I’m Solo’ released a trailer containing the romance landscape of ‘Solo Nara 10 Street’, which changed 180 degrees after a random date swept ahead of the broadcast on the 28th.

In the trailer released by the production team, the crisis situation of all couples who seemed to go straight to the final selection as an ‘official couple’ is caught and attracts attention.

The 10th dolsing men and women who became random dating partners along with the crew’s shout of “date ticket” run through ‘Solo Nara 10 Street’ in a two-person tripod. After a while, Yeong-ja feeds Yeong-sik, the ‘fate of fate’, something, and takes on the mission seriously.

On the other hand, Young-sik thinks about the inner feelings of other solo men by saying, “How will I use the date ticket tonight?” Young-ho says, “It’s also a battle of the eyes,” and gives a foreboding of the unknown future direction of romance. .

In addition, Young-sik and Young-ho are shocked by the composition that seems to be unfolding a ‘triangle romance’ with Young-sook this time. Young-ho blew a ‘romantic stone ball’, saying, “I can say with certainty that the person I like the most here is Young-sook,” and Young-sik made a unique ‘heart-pounding comment’, saying, “Okay, I think I’m dreaming right now.” It brings out Young-sook’s heartfelt response, “I’m in tears.”

Here, Jeong-sook tells Hyun-sook and Ok-soon, “You have a heart and you have a heart,” and conveys the sweet inside of a single man to Hyun-sook and Ok-soon, while Young-ja sits down and says, “Try that story again, then.” It seems to be angry, foretelling the wave of ‘Solo Nara 10’.

Moreover, Youngja confesses, “Once broken, it will not come back”, but Defconn, who immediately checked something with the VCR, over-immersed himself in “Oh, oh, I’m going!” attention is drawn

The rapidly changing romance of the 10th dolsing will be revealed at 10:30 pm on SBS PLUS and ENA PLAY’s ‘I’m Solo’.

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