“Please save me”… Twice’s Nayeon stalker came to Korea to avoid the investigation network

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The shocking current situation of a foreigner who was accused of stalking TWICE’s Nayeon by JYP Entertainment has been reported. In particular, the actions of Nayeon’s German stalker, who are already famous among Twice fans, from the past to the present, are known to shock many people.

On September 21, 2022, German A, known as Nayeon’s stalker, posted a video titled ‘Happy Birthday Nayeon’ on her YouTube channel.

Mr. A said, “Nayeon, I really love you and I hope you have a very happy birthday today.” Then she shared what Mr. A had done to surprise Nayeon.

Stalker “I’m back in Korea…I really love Nayeon and miss you a lot”

YouTube ‘Josh1994’

“I’m back in Korea,” said Mr. A. “I don’t like travel very much and the only reason I came back to Korea is because I want you to be happy that I’m here.” He said that he misses Nayeon so much that he hopes to meet him soon.

Mr. A continued, “Nayeon, remember that I did everything for you. Because I really love you and miss you a lot. I hope that I will be happy when I come back to Korea. Because it was very difficult for me.”

“I’ve been studying English a lot over the past few years and I can improve my Korean further for you if you want,” he said.

Also, Mr. A told Nayeon, “If you are sad, remember that I will always protect you and really care for you.”

YouTube 'Josh1994'

YouTube ‘Josh1994’

“I don’t know exactly where, when, or how we will meet, but I’m a little lonely here in Korea right now,” he said. “I really love and miss you a lot. I think about you every day.” Mr. A brought two of his birthday gifts, and he also revealed his contact information, saying that he was looking for a way to give them.

‘TWICE Nayeon’ stalker on the plane, even trying to approach… JYP “Strong response”

Online Community / Nayeon Instagram
Online Community / Nayeon Instagram

Previously, Mr. A has been publicly stalking Nayeon since 2019, such as getting on a plane with Nayeon returning home from overseas schedules, making a fuss, and asking for the address of Twice’s dorm through a fan cafe. In response, her agency, JYP Entertainment, asked for Nayeon’s personal protection.

TWICE Nayeon's stalker revealed her SNS account

TWICE Nayeon’s stalker revealed her SNS account

After the stalking of Mr. A continued, Nayeon filed an injunction against Mr. A with the Seoul Central District Court in January 2020, and JYP also filed a criminal complaint against Mr. A for obstruction of business.

At the same time, Nayeon’s post on her official SNS account, “Please go home, please, please, please, please, I’ll ask you” was also posted out of fear, causing many people’s regret.

However, the application for injunction at that time was eventually withdrawn due to service issues. JYP Entertainment has announced that it will respond if Mr. A returns to Korea.

Stalker’s true identity is the German twin brother.

YouTube 'Josh1994'
YouTube ‘Josh1994’

Meanwhile, through a YouTube channel in August, Mr. A said that it was unexpected that JYP Entertainment and Nayeon, who treated him badly, renewed their contract.

A continued, “I spent 3 million euros (about 4 billion won) in the past 3 years to prove my love to Nayeon. I want to be the best husband and if you want to have children in the future, I want to be the best father.” claimed.

Not only does he tell people around him that he and Nayeon of TWICE are dating under the consent of Nayeon, but he also continues to send messengers to Nayeon and Nayeon’s parents, and he continues to do creepy things, such as looking for Nayeon by inferring the location of Nayeon’s photos.

Nayeon’s face-known stalker is German and known to be twins.

Currently, many netizens, including TWICE fans, commented, “Isn’t there a legal way?”, “It seems like I can’t even leave the house… ”, “Wow, he’s a real psychopath”, “He’s a schizophrenic,” and “Not everyone does it.”

Nayeon’s agency JYP Entertainment said, “We are discussing a response with the legal team” regarding the video of Mr. A’s arrival.

TWICE Nayeon was born in 1995 and is 28 years old this year, and is a member of the 9-member group TWICE under JYP Entertainment. She is the lead vocalist and lead dancer on the team. Nayeon is living her daily life calmly by posting posts on her SNS despite the news of his arrival as a stalker.

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