General Honey J’s husband Jeong-dam, 35 years old, is a fashion industry worker… Models over 180 cm from Posnahon


The bride and groom of the dancer Honey J (Jung Ha-nui) were revealed for the first time.

On the afternoon of the 21st, in the MBC entertainment program ‘I live alone’, the bridegroom of the dancer Honey J was revealed and focused attention.

On this day, Honey J said, “In the past, when my relatives and older sisters were getting married, mothers and daughters wore wedding dresses to take pictures, and my mother was very envious. She suddenly remembered and brought me here,” she said, visiting the self-wedding studio.

Honey J’s mother was moved to tears by the surprise gift of her daughter who remembered her words in the past. Her daughter’s tear glands burst when she sees her mother who likes her like her little girl. Honey Jay’s mother looked at her touching daughter, and she said, “It’s a pity, so how do you spend her wedding anniversary?”

Her husband Jeongdam appeared in front of Honey J while taking a picture with her mother. Honey J said, “This is our love father, Jeongdam. The fish thorn balm is friendly, sweet, tall and handsome,” he said with a smile. Park Na-rae gave an envious glance at Honey J’s husband’s warm visual, saying, “You are very handsome.”

[종합] Honey J's husband, 35-year-old 'fashion worker' Jeong-dam... Model force over 180cm ('Mt. Nahon')

Known as a fashion professional, Jeongdam showed a friendly side, taking care of the bride and her mother-in-law. Her clear features and tall height also drew her attention.

Honey J’s prospective husband hugged Honey J’s mother and daughter as soon as he saw them, and boasted of his sense of buying a bouquet of flowers. She also prepares handwritten letters and accessories for her mother-in-law. Honey J’s mother and daughter shed endless tears at the appearance of her lover Jeongdam.

Jungdam smiled brightly, saying, “My name is Jungdam, love dad, my prospective husband of dancer Honey J. Thank you for loving me.

Honey J said, “It was a time that made me a good person. The importance of alone time. It is a time that helped me to know everything about the preciousness of being with someone. You need to know how to be happy alone to be happy together. I was happy alone enough, so the three of us will be happy.”

Rainbow members of ‘I Live Alone’ presented Honey J, who left the program due to marriage, the first ‘honorary diploma’. Honey J promised, “I will live happily and happily as I am now.”

On the other hand, MBC ‘I Live Alone’, which delivers laughter and emotion with a real single life, is broadcast every Friday at 11:10 pm.

By Ryu Ye-ji, staff reporter for Tenasia [email protected]

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