Korea’s first! Sangju Bae entered Costco Canada!

Korea’s first! Sangju Bae entered Costco Canada!
Korea’s first! Sangju Bae entered Costco Canada!

Korea’s first! Sangju Bae entered Costco Canada!

[내외일보] Reporter Shin Haeng-shik = Sangju Canada Drainage Complex exported 13.6 tons of reported pears (equivalent to 50 million won) to COSTCO in Canada through Gyeongbuk Trade Co., Ltd. on January 20, with producers and export officials in attendance.

The export of Sangju pears is the first agricultural product in Korea to enter Costco in Canada, and this served as an opportunity to confirm the excellence of Sangju pears once again by exporting them to Costco, which has strict quality control. The total number of Costco stores in Canada is 108, and it plans to gradually expand in the future by preoccupying the Vancouver store.

Sangju Canada Drainage Complex was approved as a specialized horticultural production complex designated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 2011, and has contributed a lot to supply and demand control and price stabilization in the domestic market through steady export expansion. Contributing to the continuous expansion of exports of Sangju pears.

Last year, Sangju exported 3,073 tons of pears (equivalent to 11.9 billion) to 14 countries around the world, including Canada, the United States, Taiwan, and Vietnam, and is well received by overseas consumers for its high-quality products.

Choi Woo-jin, Vice Mayor of Sangju, said, “We expressed our gratitude to member farms for pears grown in member farms of the Sangju Canadian Drainage Complex entering Costco Canada for the first time in Korea. I will do my best to support it,” he said.

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