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From the 27th to October 15th, 300,000 lodging discount coupons will be distributed… 1 ticket per person on a first-come, first-served basis.

‘Korea Accommodation Sale Festa with Chuseok Holiday’ infographic

[투어코리아=유경훈 기자] The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) and the Korea Tourism Organization (hereinafter referred to as the Corporation) are holding the ‘Korea Accommodation Sale Festa in conjunction with the Chuseok holiday.’

In order to use this golden holiday as an opportunity to promote domestic travel, we are distributing 300,000 lodging discount coupons that can be used during the Chuseok holiday.

30,000 won discount when using accommodation exceeding 50,000 won

Despite the short preparation period for this event, a total of 44 online travel agencies and over 30,000 registered domestic accommodations (hotels, condos, motels, rural and fishing lodges, etc.) participated.

A coupon offering a 30,000 won discount when using accommodations worth 50,000 won or more will be provided through the participating online travel agency channels, and can be issued, reserved, and used for accommodations from the 27th to October 15th.

In particular, in addition to the 30,000 won discount coupon, various discount benefits linked to this event, such as additional discount coupons for participating online travel agencies, credit card company discounts, and giveaways, are provided, so it is expected that you can enjoy a frugal trip during the long weekend.

One lodging discount coupon can be used per person during the Festa period, and can be issued through participating online travel agency channels every day from 10 a.m. to 7 a.m. the next day.

If the discount coupon is not used by 7 a.m. the next day after issuance or the reservation is canceled, the discount coupon automatically expires, but it can be reissued if there are still discount coupons.

This event will end early when all quantities are sold out, so if you are planning a trip during the Golden Week, it is best to check in advance and make a reservation.

Even if you used the lodging discount coupon in the first half of the year, you can use the Chuseok holiday discount coupon anew, and even if you miss this Festa period, you can get one more lodging discount coupon through the ‘Korea Accommodation Sale Festa Nationwide Edition’ from October 27th to November 24th. You will be given the opportunity.

Restrictions on unregistered facilities, large rooms, and use of coupons by minors

Accommodation discount coupons cannot be used for unregistered and illegal accommodations or rented rooms, and minors (born after January 1, 2004) cannot be issued.

Meanwhile, a separate small and medium-sized travel agency (11 companies) will be operated on the 11st website so that small and medium-sized travel agencies that have difficulty developing system integration or do not have an independent sales channel can participate in this event.

For further details, including how to use discount coupons, please check the ‘2023 Korea Accommodation Sale Festa’ information page (’ on the Korea Tourism Organization’s Every Corner of Korea website from the 20th, or if you have any questions, please contact the call center ( You can contact us at 1670-3980).

Yong Ho-seong, director of the Tourism Industry Policy Department at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said, “This discount coupon for lodging was prepared quickly so that the people and industry could feel the benefits after the announcement of the livelihood measures for the Chuseok holiday.”

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