Hansae Yes24 Group newsletter Hansae:In won the ’33rd 2023 Korea Communication Grand Prize’

Hansae Yes24 Group newsletter Hansae:In won the ’33rd 2023 Korea Communication Grand Prize’
Hansae Yes24 Group newsletter Hansae:In won the ’33rd 2023 Korea Communication Grand Prize’
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Hansae Yes24 Holdings company newsletter ‘Hansae:In Vol.033’./Provided by = Hansae Yes24 Group

Hansae Yes24 Group’s newsletter Hansae:In won the Korea Newsletter Association President’s Award at the ’33rd 2023 Korea Communication Awards’.

According to Hansae Yes24 Group on the 21st, the 33rd 2023 Korea Communication Awards, which will be held at the Korea Press Center on the 24th, is hosted by the Korea Newsletter Association and sponsored by domestic and foreign government agencies and organizations such as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, and the New York Festival. It’s an awards ceremony. It was planned with the purpose of summarizing business journalism for the year and encouraging related industries and workers.

This year’s contest categories include a total of 25 categories in four categories, including △Part I: Printing/Design △Part Ⅱ: Online/Advertising/Video △Part Ⅲ: Marketing PR/Award of the Year △Part Ⅳ: Special Award. Hansae Yes24 Group’s newsletter, ‘Hansae: In’, published since 2014, was selected for the editorial award in the printing/design category and won the Korea Newsletter Association President’s Award.

Hansae:In newsletter is published quarterly four times a year, and contains seasonal issues from all affiliates of the Hansae Yes24 Group, including Hansae Corporation, Hansae MK, Yes24, and Donga Publishing.

In particular, we significantly reorganized our newsletter last year, recruiting the best external writers in each field, and publishing specialized columns on medicine, law, cooking, gourmet, and science.

In addition, we are contributing to strengthening internal communication through content directly contributed by executives and employees, such as praise relays and restaurant introductions. In particular, starting this year, we are publishing our company newsletter not only as an existing booklet but also as an online webzine to increase accessibility to our company newsletter for executives and employees. The external cooperation team of Hansae Yes24 Holdings, which oversees the company newsletter planning, said, “Rather than a company newsletter published in a formal manner at the right time, we create an interesting company newsletter that can be viewed as if you were reading a magazine,” adding, “A lot of hard work has been done at home and abroad. “I will create a company newsletter that will be welcomed by executives and employees,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hansae Yes24 Holdings was established as a holding company dedicated to the investment business sector to strengthen business expertise and competitiveness through the spin-off of Hansae Industries in 2009. Its subsidiaries include Hansae Corporation in the clothing ODM (manufacturer development and production) division, Color & Touch in the fabric division, Hansae MK in the brand retail division, and Yes24 and Donga Publishing in the publishing/cultural content division.

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