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Lee Sang-min “Democratic Party is in a suffocating situation”… In Yo-han “If you come to the ruling party, you are welcome”

Lee Sang-min “Democratic Party is in a suffocating situation”… In Yo-han “If you come to the ruling party, you are welcome”
Lee Sang-min “Democratic Party is in a suffocating situation”… In Yo-han “If you come to the ruling party, you are welcome”

Lee Sang-min, a member of the non-profit world, gave a special lecture to the Innovation Committee… “We will decide on our future move by early December.”

Lee Sang-min meets with the People Power Innovation Committee

(Daejeon = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Jun-beom = Representative Lee Sang-min of the Democratic Party of Korea is appearing as a lecturer for the People Power Innovation Committee at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Daejeon on the afternoon of the 21st. On the right is People Power Party Innovation Committee Chairman In Yo-han. 2023.11.21 [email protected]

(Daejeon/Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Cha Ji-yeon and Ahn Chae-won = Representative Lee Sang-min of the Democratic Party of Korea, who was a special lecturer at the People Power Innovation Committee, said on the 21st, “As a party that receives the support and trust of the people, we will pursue our political dreams through the Democratic Party.” “I wanted to achieve it, but there was little chance of that happening, I didn’t have the space, and it was a very suffocating situation,” he said.

Representative Lee met with reporters after giving a lecture on ‘Problems in Korean Politics and Reform Plans’ to the Innovation Committee at KAIST in Daejeon on this day and said, “I found hope when the People Power Innovation Committee called a person like me and wanted to hear about my shallow experience.” “He emphasized.

He said, “President Yoon Seok-yeol must show softer, more delicate, and warmer leadership in the future administration of state affairs,” and “The People Power Party, the ruling party, has not been able to say anything at all according to President Yoon’s words, and has gone beyond the situation of only looking at the presidential office. He pointed out, “We need to create conditions so that critical voices can come out.”

Rep. Lee said, “I actively support the (People Power Party) innovation plan,” and added, “They say the Democratic Party also has a system for nomination, but I passed the primary after going through a lot of hardships, but when I looked at the other lawmakers, there were a lot of places in a mess.”

At the same time, he said, “There is too much room for mischief, whether it is the People Power Party or the Democratic Party,” and “The completely open and open primary that People Power Innovation Committee Chairman In Yo-han said is a system that can put the brakes on being controlled by the party leadership or those in power.” “We agreed on this,” he emphasized.

Regarding his future, Rep. Lee said again, “I plan to tell you in early December, within the first week,” and “I will decide whether to stay in the Democratic Party or leave by early December.”

He continued, “Everyone is talking about late December and next year, so I plan to quickly make a decision and express it and come up with my own plan to achieve my political goals.”

When reporters asked, ‘Will this lecture be an opportunity to officially join the People Power Party?’ Rep. Lee responded, “If I join (the Democratic Party), my next choice will be to pursue my political dreams and discuss with those who have helped and supported me so far in terms of agreement. “I’m trying to decide,” he said, avoiding an immediate answer.

Regarding plans to contact the People Power Party leadership in the future, he said, “I (will) have no boundaries, and I hate having a wall the most,” and “I plan to talk about various things with anyone.”

Innovation Committee Chairman In Yo-han responded, “The biggest thing I learned today is that ‘we must come down to the level of the people’s eyes’ and that the difference in ideology and ideology between the two parties is not that big.”

In response to the question, “Will Rep. Lee’s joining the party help in innovation?” Chairman In said, “I think it will be a great help to us in terms of diversity,” and “I respect his decision. I am by no means in a position to unconditionally tell him to do this or that.” “Of course, you are welcome to come,” he said.

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