Prosecutors’ Lee Jae-myeong account tracking… Attempt to secure clues of involvement of Daejang-dong gang

Prosecutors’ Lee Jae-myeong account tracking… Attempt to secure clues of involvement of Daejang-dong gang
Prosecutors’ Lee Jae-myeong account tracking… Attempt to secure clues of involvement of Daejang-dong gang

The informant of ‘Kim Hye-kyung corporate card’ is also investigated… Track Jinsang Jeong and Yong Kim’s back money destination
Democratic Party reveals source, “It’s not Daejang-dong’s money… Malicious claim”

It is known that the prosecution has started tracing the accounts of Lee Jae-myung, the representative of the Democratic Party of Korea, and the people around him for several years.

It seems that his aides, Jung Jin-sang, head of the political affairs coordination office at the party’s representative office, or Kim Yong, former vice president of the Institute for Democracy, took into account the possibility that the money received from the Daejang-dong party went to Lee’s side.

Some observers say that the prosecution’s account tracking is a signal that a compulsory investigation into Lee is imminent.

According to the legal community on the 24th, it was reported that the 3rd anti-corruption investigation division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office (Chief Prosecutor Kang Baek-sin) recently received a warrant from the court to trace the account of CEO Lee and his family.

It seems to be a dimension to look into whether there is anything suspicious in the fund transaction between CEO Lee and the people around him.

Regarding this, the prosecution called in as a reference person A, an employee of the secretary’s office at the Gyeonggi Provincial Office, who first reported the ‘suspicion of misappropriation of a corporate card’ by Lee’s spouse, Kim Hye-kyung, the day before.

During the prosecution’s investigation, Mr. A is known to have stated that in June of last year, ahead of the Democratic Party’s presidential primary, he saw Bae, a former 5th-level civil servant at the Gyeonggi Provincial Office, known as an aide to Lee, coming out of Lee’s house with a paper bag full of cash.

In particular, it is reported that Mr. Bae deposited the cash into a bank account under the name of CEO Lee and stated that he told him that it was about 100 to 200 million won.

Prosecutors are confirming the source of the money and where it was used.

Prosecutors are also looking into the possibility that this money is mixed with the money Lee’s aides received from the Daejang-dong gang.

June of last year, when the money was deposited, overlaps with former vice president Kim Yong’s receipt of illegal campaign funds.

Former deputy director Kim was arrested and indicted on charges of receiving 847 million won from Nam-wook, a private operator in Daejang-dong, from April to August last year in collusion with Yoo Dong-gyu, former head of the planning headquarters of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation.

Of this, it is known that 600 million won was directly delivered to former vice president Kim.

Prosecutors plan to ascertain the final destination of the money, as Yoo Jeon and Nam claimed in recent trials that they gave back money to Chung and others in the name of campaign funds for a long period of time.

However, there are observations that most of these money are delivered in cash and it is not easy to track them.

Lee’s representative actively refuted that the prosecution is making a malicious argument, revealing the amount and source of the money deposited in the account in detail.

The Democratic Party’s Public Information Bureau said, “In order to process 270 million won, such as election deposits and primary office leases, the cash I had at the time was deposited into the Nonghyup account of the Provincial Office,” and “In March 2019, in the Nonghyup bankbook under my name, I withdrew 150 million won on the 20th and 50 million won on October 25 of the same year, respectively.

In addition, he criticized, “This is specified in the 2020-2021 public official’s property report,” and “the prosecution’s suspicion that the money received from the Daejang-dong gang cannot be established, and it is only a malicious argument to damage the honor of CEO Lee.”

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