With a single Netflix viewing record… Watcha recommends new movies

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In the future, various companies will be able to utilize personal data left while using information technology (IT), education, distribution, transportation, and cultural services under user consent. To this end, the government plans to standardize all user data formats such as telecommunication companies, portals, and online video services (OTT).

According to the draft (fourth standard draft) of the ‘Standardization Guidelines for Transferring My Data Between Different Industries’ secured by Rep. Joo-Kyung Yoon of People’s Power on the 24th, more than 71 My Data Data item standardization work is in the final stages. Based on the results of the 3rd annual meeting held in July last year, the Personal Information Protection Commission, the responsible ministry, is standardizing the method of collecting communication, personal identification, location, and app activity information. The work is expected to be completed next month at the earliest.

The main point of this project is to hand over the data left while using various services such as medical care, communication, and education to various companies when requested by individuals. You can receive customized services by transferring Netflix content viewing date and search data to Watcha. By utilizing personal T-map driving data, Yanolja, a travel company, can provide a lodging recommendation service.

As a wide range of information, up to 856 in detail, is subject to transmission, there are voices of concern about data safety. It is pointed out that measures to prevent misuse and improve data quality should be prepared.

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With my driving information left on T-map… Yanolja and Coupang recommend travel products
My Data standardization guideline work will be completed next month

Netflix, an online video service (OTT), keeps users’ viewing records. Based on this, it recommends various contents in a personalized manner. A similar function exists in the native OTT service Watcha. However, you can receive a recommendation service based only on the content you watched on the Watcha app.

In the future, these boundaries will collapse. Netflix viewing information will also be transmitted to Watcha for use. This is thanks to the integration of 6 types of ‘content viewing information’ (preferred contents, search words, viewing time, etc.) of My Data into a national standard. The user’s ‘digital footprint’ will be able to receive customized services by crossing not only OTT but also telecommunication companies and portals.

Speeding up ‘data standardization’

According to the My Data standardization guidelines between different industries of the Personal Information Protection Commission on the 24th, information items (middle classification) in the information technology (IT) field, which is the core of the draft, include telecommunications companies (13 types), portals (17 types), and OTT (2 types). ), etc. are included. Target companies include telecommunication companies such as SK Telecom, KT, and LG U+, Naver and Kakao, and OTT Netflix, Watcha, and Teabing.

Telecommunication companies standardize 66 pieces of information, such as the user’s communication fee payment and overdue period, micropayment information and limits, and location information. The portal integrates 56 data standards, such as search terms and search dates, web and app service access information, products and purchase amounts. These information can be transferred to other companies if there is a user’s request for information transmission.

Such data had no commercial value in the past, but recent technological advances have increased the demand from companies. The cumulative number of users of the navigation T-map’s ‘T Now’ service reaches 10.6 million. T Now analyzes real-time driving data of T-map users across the country in 5-minute increments, allowing them to check popular tourist spots, restaurants, cafes, etc. of the day, or to avoid crowded places.

When data standards are standardized, such services are expected to become active. Data distribution between different industries beyond the same industry will also become possible. This means that navigation data can be handed over to portals or travel and distribution companies, and new services that did not exist before can come out.

Lee Jung-hwan, a professor of economics and finance at Hanyang University, said, “Utilization of My Data depends on how customized information companies provide.”

Details management problem

There are also challenges to deal with 856 types of personal information on a detailed basis. One of the most prominent issues is the leakage of personal information. Although user consent is sought, there is not a small amount of sensitive information. The telecommunications company’s ‘reduction information’ item contains the disability grade, degree of disability, and basic livelihood recipient information. Education companies’ ‘grade information’ includes school records, admission grades, and college scholastic ability test scores. Food industry ‘order information’ contains information such as what and when you ate.

Rep. Joo-kyung Yoon emphasized, “There is convenience in using My Data, but concerns about leakage of sensitive information are also growing.”

There is also the issue of data transmission costs between operators. When a user requests data transfer, it is up to the company to bear the transfer fee. Large companies that have a lot of data and users suffer losses if they do not receive appropriate fees. On the other hand, latecomers are in the position that excessive fees should not be calculated. Even in the financial sector, which started the My Data business first, there is controversy as it has not prepared specific billing standards.

Lee Sang-jik, a lawyer at Law Firm Pacific, said, “We cannot stop the era of ‘collaborative information’ in which personal data becomes a service.”

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