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There was also a drama called that ended a while ago, but something we are passionate about has its own unique aura and unique charm. A brand called Young-woong Lim, which has become a cultural content that moves the Republic of Korea by creating a huge trot fandom and popular aspirations in a difficult time for everyone, two years after revealing his existence. Why is Korea passionate about Lim Young-woong?

part1. In our time, why Young-woong Lim?

After the exclusive contract with TV Chosun ended in September 2021, Lim Young-woong’s comeback in May, who was the only member of < p>

Not only did EXO’s Baekhyun easily surpassed the record of 860,000 solo albums, but it was also the first time in 19 years to break the wall of breaking the wall of million copies as a solo singer in the music industry, which had stopped due to a recession in the record industry after Kim Gun-mo’s 7th album in 2001. And at the same time as the comeback, all songs were placed on the Melon Chart Top 100 chart, and three months after the album’s release, they are still in the top 10 or top 100.

Im Young-woong, a music powerhouse, shows strong power in the music market occupied by idol singers. With him terribly occupying the Top 100 list and seldom coming down, complaints from teenage idol fans, “Who is Young-woong Lim, and why is it so hard for our brothers to rank up?” and global idol fans curious to hear his name. To the extent that it is said that he became a fan while listening to music, Lim Young-woong’s existence is a threat among idol fanatic teenagers who have nothing in the world to fear.

Lim Young-woong’s YouTube channel, which has 1.4 million subscribers, has 43 content that have surpassed 10 million views, and the record changes every day. As such, Young-woong Lim is writing a new history in the Korean music industry today as if he exists to break and change all records.

part2. 101 days of national concert, what Young-woong Lim left behind

Lim Young-woong Concert. “The national tour concert, which started with the comeback, was held from May 6th until the last performance, August 14th, and met 180,000 fans of the Age of Heroes nationwide for 101 days and 3 months. Ticketing failed or the concert site In order to appease the regret of fans who could not attend, Teabing, which broadcast live performances of the first row of the home theater, recorded 96% of the viewership share and significantly increased the number of paid subscribers. It will be recorded as the first attempt by a singer.”

# Gymnastics Stadium KSPO Dome front yard, 2022. 8.14 PM 2:30

Fans dressed in sky blue clothes start to gather, and a light dance battle is unfolding in the front yard of the gymnastics stadium. Middle-aged women in their 40s and 50s are dancing to the music of Young-woong Lim’s song ‘Abiento’.

Fans and spectators who have been watching are also dancing together, and granddaughters, grandmothers, and mothers and daughters are enjoying the dancing without being ashamed of the pouring eyes of people. A couple of hours left before Lim Young-woong’s last concert, and the festival was held.

The extremely hot and humid August heat and flood, the re-spreading of corona that is still not safe, the swamp of recession where recovery is still difficult… Push all your daily worries aside for a while, and for this moment, everyone smile and have fun, today People who want to be happy even for just one day. The source of these gestures of middle-aged women like our mothers, older sisters, and younger brothers was the happiness and confidence that Lim Young-woong, the hero they loved, planted.

The nationwide tour concert, which started with the comeback, started on May 6 and was held until the last performance, August 14, and met 180,000 fans of the Age of Heroes across the country for 101 days and 3 months. In order to appease fans who failed to get tickets or could not attend the concert, Teabing, which broadcast live performances of the first row of the small room, recorded 96% of the viewing share, and the number of paid subscribers increased significantly. This will be recorded as the first attempt by an adult singer to broadcast real-time online live broadcasts that were only possible at idol concerts like BTS’ Bang Bang Con.

# Calmness and relaxation, stable stage manners, the value of a hero

The feeling of watching the live performance of the performance was overwhelming and the three-hour running time was full on an overwhelming scale, the portion of the song and the amount of talk were quite large. Usually, a singer’s performance has three or four intermissions, and a video is sent out while checking the condition and breathing, or the invited guest plays that role.

Except for one stage departure, Young-woong Lim did not leave the stage after changing clothes on stage with the help of the staff. Despite setting up more than 25 songs in three hours, he calmly announced his 12 new songs and Young-woong Lim without showing any signs of exhaustion or hardship, and the songs he loved, such as ‘Hope’, ‘The Story of an Old Couple in Their 60s’, and ‘Private Soldier’s Letter’ He sang back and stimulated the nostalgia of fans who liked trot singer Young-woong Lim.

In his first full album, he performed various songs such as trot, ballad, hip-hop, and rock genres, but he sang more than 10 trot songs to confirm his identity, probably considering that most of the fans who came to see him on stage are middle-aged fans over 50. did.

If you look at the performance aspect, CJ ENM took charge of the performance planning and production, and the stage was decorated with an overwhelming scale of a protruding oval rather than the conventional T-shaped stage. The stage was set up.

In the middle of the concert VCR video, Lim Young-woong played ‘The Man Who Became King’, but he made a short film with a running time of 10 minutes, showing a new appearance by appearing as an anguished king who lost a heavy battle to the rebels. As soon as this movie ends, the stage where the hero is engraved on the end of the blue sleeve and fluttering the hem of the blue azure coat like the king’s dragon robe, reinterpreting the reggae-style hip-hop avianto as Aviando is a stage where you can see a musical. It was a time to confirm the potential of Im Young-woong, who is not afraid of challenges.

According to the will of Aviando (我備安國), ‘a place where you have prepared and equipped yourself and reached comfort’, there was a new hero desired and desired by the public of this era.

In any case, there were no three things at Lim Young-woong’s concert. ‘Guest, story, rest’. As it was his first solo performance, he performed the entire stage alone, and instead of the fans’ stories, he walked around the audience, making eye contact and greeting each other. And he showed that he sang and talked nonstop for three hours and focused only on singing.

How much more has he grown? Through the three-month national tour and the release of new songs, Lim Young-woong showed his diversity, and his growth was accompanied by the age of heroes, and the light blue wave moistened the corners of his eyes. Beyond the solo singer Young-woong Lim, the Republic of Korea has gained a young singer who will inherit the genealogy of Na Hoon-a – Cho Yong-pil, who has been called a legend and could not be approached because he did not appear on stage easily.

He is creating the epitome of a friendly hero who puts communication ahead of him, different from previous singers who are hidden by mysticism.

Korea has gone beyond the solo singer Im Young-woong, and has gained a young singer who will inherit the genealogy of Na Hoon-a – Cho Yong-pil, who has been called a legend and could not approach because he did not appear on stage easily. He is creating the epitome of a friendly hero who puts communication at the fore, different from previous kings of singers covered by mysticism.
Young-woong Lim’s concert. “Korea has gained a young singer who will inherit the genealogy of Na Hoon-ah – Cho Yong-pil, who has been called a legend beyond the solo singer Young-woong Lim and could not approach because she did not appear on stage easily. You are creating the epitome of a friendly hero.”

part3. Why is Korea passionate about Lim Young-woong?

As a person who studies K-Music, entertainment, and drama, including K-Pop, as an extension of the Korean Wave, I had a question. This analysis of Young-woong Lim’s syndrome is clearly an area of ​​research with academic value. Lim Young-woong returns to an encore performance in December after a three-month performance.

Although it has been two years since he took the place in the contest program and imprinted his existence on the public, it is clear that his popularity is skyrocketing towards the peak. Because it has the power to caress.

Second, the desire and thirst for the keyword ‘fairness’ combined with the frustration of the MZ generation and the corruption of privileges and depressing news from the powerful that explode day by day. We paid attention to the thirty-year-old young man who appeared in It may have been an expression of a desire to find the innocence lost in our time through the face of a young man who was fresh and equipped with skills, and he just liked to sing without any background, and he installed an amplifier and busking in front of the Han River and the beaches of Busan.

Moreover, humanity, the last virtue that completes a star, is always applied to him. This is because the right personality and morality required of stars is the minimum goodwill and reward desired by the public who have generously supported and favored their abilities.

# Content called Young-woong Lim: Communication and philosophy to understand the needs of the times

If you dig deeper into the inside of Young-woong Lim’s syndrome, you can see that the trend of the times and the marketing direction of Young-woong Lim, who promotes himself as a singer, are in line. Young-woong Lim opened her own YouTube channel before 2016, when she started working as a trot singer in earnest, uploaded her cover songs and actively utilized the YouTube channel. From the text-centered era to moving video-centric era, as the consumption of video content, which was exclusive to the MZ generation, expanded to middle-aged people, with short-form content rather than long content, the contents of the YouTube channel that Young-woong Lim had started to be in the spotlight one after another.

Lim Young-kwang, who appeared in this concert VCR, is a 21-year-old practical music student who shows Lim Young-woong’s absurd silliness. I am currently working part-time at the Lim Young-woong Concert technical team, but this time I enlisted in the military.

Efforts to make the charm of singer Im Young-woong three-dimensional by appearing such a sidekick not only considers communication with fans important, but also his will not to be swayed by the many platforms that actively sent love calls to him, whether terrestrial or cable. shows

These days, it’s time for content to choose a platform. Because his content is powerful, Young-woong Lim has the power to choose a platform and has carried through his insistence as a singer to create content that he can satisfy himself. Since he did not appear on the stage for entertainment programs or performances for about 8 months until the release of his regular album, there were concerns about his move, but the method of choosing, focusing, and communicating with the YouTube channel he made himself is a wise MZ generation. It was a choice.

# Originality of Young-woong Lim’s content: Lonely but warm voice

When Young-woong Lim’s new album was first released, the first thing I looked at was what composers and creators of the creative group he worked with.

Lee Jeok, who is known to be picky about giving songs to his colleagues, revealed that his mother is a fan and gave him the title song ‘Can We See You Again’. Yoon Myung-sun’s ‘Hymn to Life’, which made a hit for every song he touched, stood out.

It was the first album that was created by a talented composer who made a song loved for a long time, a planner and composer who is called a legend in the trot world with a sense of writing melodies and lyrics that the public wants. Although Lim Young-woong did not participate in composing and writing the lyrics, I can feel the will to show any genre in Lim’s own way, and I can feel the desire to hold onto the trot genre without letting go.

Hip-hop and ballads are good, but as soon as you sing ‘Love Station’ and ‘Elevator, not Stairs’… There was a comfortable and stable feeling of his tone in wanting to say, ‘Yes, this is it, this is Young-woong Lim’.

It’s like the faint and distant feeling of nostalgia when the red colored leaves fall under your feet in autumn. The thick and rich, lonely yet warm voice is the unique content of Young-woong Lim, and it contains the soft comfort of a feather that will comfort the lives of fathers, mothers, wives and husbands who have lived a hard life.

# Hoping for the shared growth of Young-woong Lim and K-music

Lim Young-woong successfully completed a three-month nationwide concert schedule with the release of the regular album. In the future, for the encore performance to be held at the end of the year, it will show another growth after taking a break. Appearing like a comet in the Korean pop music industry, which was dominated by idol dance music and music mixed with hit formulas, which is no longer an art but a sound source industry, expands the horizon of music that middle-aged people can listen to and consistently shows their music world. Im Young-woong.

He wants him to become a singer who can look down under his feet even when he is in the best position, and even at this moment, many musical juniors who will be busking on the street eagerly to announce one of his songs. , I hope that you will become a hero who counts the hearts of many aspiring singers who use themselves as role models and nurture their dreams, and those who at some point hold on to their sky-blue hearts and gain strength to live their days with his songs today, trudging step by step. I look forward to seeing his wonderful steps.

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