Fire while trying to melt a frozen water meter… Accidents in the snow

Fire while trying to melt a frozen water meter… Accidents in the snow
Fire while trying to melt a frozen water meter… Accidents in the snow

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News of the damage caused by the cold wave followed one after another across the country.

In the midst of water meter freeze accidents, a fire broke out in an apartment in Seoul while trying to melt a frozen meter with a hair dryer.

There were also traffic accidents in the snow.

This is Reporter Sohn Gu-min.

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An apartment in Seongdong-gu, Seoul.

Icicles are frozen again all over the burnt-out water meter.

Burnt clothes are strewn next to the meter, and firefighters dispatched to inspect the scene.

Around 10 o’clock this morning, the water meter in the hallway on the first floor of the apartment caught fire.

“I smelled the rice, so I thought I was cooking, and when I came out, the smoke was just black here.”

It is said that the meter froze in the cold of -18 degrees Celsius, and a resident on the first floor wrapped the meter with a cloth and used an electric appliance to dry his hair, and then caught fire.

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“It was frozen and there was no water, so I thawed it here and the fire broke out… I put insulation here, but it freezes because it’s cold…”

The fire was extinguished in 20 minutes, but some residents on the first floor evacuated in a hurry, and water supply was cut off to about 20 households around it.

According to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters, 68 cases of meter freeze accidents were reported today.


Nohyeong-dong, Jeju-si, where heavy snow and strong wind warnings were issued.

This morning, the bus, which was running in the snow, skidded and two passengers were taken to the hospital.

About 10 reports of blizzard damage were also received, including a construction site fence being blown away by strong winds, and the fire department went to the rescue all day long.


At around 2:00 p.m. today, a car slipped on the snow on the Muan-Gwangju Expressway in the direction of Muan.

There were no casualties, but one lane was controlled and traffic accidents occurred one after another, such as congestion in the area.


At around 1:30 in the afternoon today, a fire broke out in a warehouse in a house in Jeonju, Jeonbuk, and it was extinguished in about an hour.

While no casualties have occurred, fire authorities are investigating the exact cause of the fire, leaving open the possibility of a short circuit due to the cold wave.

This is Son Gu-min from MBC News.

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