Losing your home and family, the coldest winter… ‘Warm consolation’ continued

The last day of the Lunar New Year holiday at the incense burner in Guryong Village and Itaewon amidst the cold wave

Endless sigh Victims of Guryong Village in Gaepo-dong, Seoul, who lost their homes in a fire that broke out on the 20th, are looking at household items that were burned on the 24th. Reporter Han Soo-bin [email protected]”/>

an unending sigh Victims of Guryong Village in Gaepo-dong, Seoul, who lost their homes in a fire that occurred on the 20th, look at the burned household items on the 24th. Reporter Han Soo-bin [email protected]

Victims of the disaster, it is not easy even to retrieve valuables from a house that has been burned down
Residents who survived at least helped by providing rice cake soup.
Itaewon’s incense burner is the turn of the joint… Minister Lee Sang-min frowns on condolences to the thief

On the 24th, when a special cold wave warning was issued across the country, the victims of the Guryong Village in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, spent the last day of the Lunar New Year holidays in the village where only ashes remained, and the families of the victims of the Halloween disaster in Itaewon spent the last day of the Lunar New Year holiday at a civic incense burner. The footsteps of citizens handing comfort to those who are going through the ‘coldest’ winter also continued.

When I entered Guryong Village in Gaepo-dong around 11 a.m. that day, black ice mixed with ashes covered the alleys. Household items such as pots and chairs that have not yet been recovered and iron utensils were covered with white ice. About 500 residents were evacuated and 63 people lost their homes due to a fire that occurred on the 20th.

The Gangnam-gu Office prepared temporary living spaces in four nearby hotels, but the victims could not stay still. Mr. A (73), who was walking around the burned down house, said, “I can’t find any jewelry.” Resident B also said, “I pulled out cash before the Lunar New Year’s Day to give to the children, but it was all burnt out.”

Baek Hee-shim (60), head of the Guryong Village Volunteer Firefighter, said, “Until yesterday, there were people who went looking for rings (at the fire site).”

In the tent of the Emergency Response Headquarters installed on one side of the village, eight residents held a meeting over a briquette fire. The Gangnam-gu Office plans to operate temporary living spaces prepared at four hotels near Guryong Village until the 26th.

After that, they will find a place to live in a rental house in Wirye district owned by the Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation (SH). However, some displaced people oppose this. Not only are they worried about rent for rental housing, but they are also concerned that the place where they have lived all their lives may disappear due to redevelopment. Mr. A, who attended the meeting, said, “I want to protect the village even while staying in a container.”

The surviving residents helped by setting a table for other victims. The Kowloon Land Owners and Residents Council provided rice cake soup to the victims at the council office during the holiday season.

Tears that do not dry On the 22nd, Lunar New Year’s Day, bereaved families shed tears at the joint memorial altar for the victims of the October 29 Itaewon disaster prepared at Noksapyeong Station Plaza in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. yunhap news

Citizens’ footsteps continued throughout the Lunar New Year holidays at the ‘Itaewon Halloween Tragedy’ Citizen’s Incense Center in Itaewon Square, Yongsan-gu. At around 10 a.m. that day, Park Dae-won (42) and her daughter Yoo-ra (10) put down chrysanthemum flowers next to the incense stand candle. Mr. Park said, “I came out because I wanted to play a small role in connecting the message, ‘Let’s not forget the disaster caused by the government’s insensitivity to safety.'”

Volunteers and bereaved families also kept their seats. C, the mother of the late Lee Jae-hyun, handed out chrysanthemum flowers to the mourners. Volunteer Mr. Park (46) volunteered to distribute hot tea here every day except for three days from the 15th of last month to this day. Mrs. Son (60) also gave directions to her condolences.

On the 22nd, the day of the Lunar New Year’s Day, about 80 people, including bereaved families and relatives of the disaster, had a joint memorial service in front of the portraits of the victims. The Association of Bereaved Families of the 10/29 Itaewon Tragedy said, “It is a holiday to visit and greet family members, but it is a difficult time for the Itaewon victims to do so. did.

On the 21st, the day before Lunar New Year’s Day, Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min visited a citizen’s incense burner without notice and was criticized. In a statement, the bereaved family council said, “I think that the reason why we came to the incense burner on the eve of the Lunar New Year holidays, when there are not many bereaved families and citizens, was to paint a picture of ‘I came to the incense burner but couldn’t meet because there were no bereaved families’.” We express our anger and disappointment at the ‘Condolences’ and urge an official apology and resignation.”

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