“Many people die besides Seo Se-won”… Grahl, Cambodia Hospital Tracking

“Many people die besides Seo Se-won”… Grahl, Cambodia Hospital Tracking
“Many people die besides Seo Se-won”… Grahl, Cambodia Hospital Tracking

‘I want to know that’ digs up suspicions about comedian Seo Se-won, who died last month.

SBS TV current affairs and cultured material I want to know that, at 11:20 pm on the 27th, ‘The President’s Suspicious Hospital-The Truth of Seo Se-won’s Death’ is broadcast. It deals with the controversy surrounding the future polyclinic hospital in Cambodia where the deceased died.

Sewon Seo

Seo Se-won died in Cambodia on the 20th of last month. Local police claimed that his cause of death was cardiac arrest due to diabetes complications, but his body was cremated without a simple blood test. It is not uncommon for a diabetic patient to die while receiving an IV. One media reported that the day after the death of the deceased, a vial of propofol and a syringe were found in the hospital, and Chandra (pseudonym), a nurse who had placed an intravenous drip, testified that she injected additional white liquid without knowing it was propofol.

In Cambodia, even if you do not have a medical license, you can run a hospital as long as you hire a local doctor. It is known that the hospital has not been licensed to operate, only with a plastic surgery sign hanging on it. Only a business registration certificate was issued, and there was no professional medical staff. Mr. Kim, a Korean-American businessman, was passed on as the hospital’s representative (operating director). Mr. Kim was with Seo Se-won the morning of the day of his death. He refuted that he had been away since then, and that the suspicion surrounding the death of the deceased, such as propofol, was groundless.

The case fell into a mystery as the Cambodian authorities closed it early without disclosing any records or evidence of the case. The production team heard the unbelievable story of the informant they met during the two-week coverage of Cambodia. Seo Se-won was not the first person to die in the hospital. Mr. A, the predecessor of Mr. Kim, made an extreme choice in October of last year while preparing to run the hospital, and Mr. B, who received a stem cell injection here the year before last, died a few months later. Rumors spread that Mr. Lee, who was the first operating director of the hospital and was called ‘Chairman’ among Koreans by running several businesses in Cambodia, was involved in these deaths.

One Korean resident explained, “Why did I go there and get fluid when there is no doctor and no one there? It’s not even a hospital,” and “You shouldn’t call it a hospital at all.” Another Korean citizen complained, “So far, countless people have died there by accident, lost money, perished, and died, but there is no voice.”

Mirae Polyclinic opened in 2019 as ‘NK BIO CAM’. The owner of the hospital building is Bon Liang, the brother-in-law of Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia and Deputy Minister of Home Affairs. Chairman Lee opened the hospital by advocating his friendship with Prime Minister Hun Sen’s younger sister, Hun Bonton, and her husband, Bon Liang. The hospital’s business license says that Hoon Bonton & Bonliang are the directors. The couple’s daughter, Bopa, also worked as an executive from the time it opened, and she was also in the hospital at the time of Seo Se-won’s death.

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A high-ranking Cambodian investigation official said, “This case is not simple. So that more stories about what we are saying do not spread…”. The production team plans to dig into whether Bopa knew the truth on the day of Seo Se-won’s death, and whether the Cambodian investigative authorities’ sensitivity to coverage and non-cooperation had something to do with the royal family.

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