Identity of 23-year-old Jeong Yu-jeong, suspected of murdering a woman her age in Busan

Identity of 23-year-old Jeong Yu-jeong, suspected of murdering a woman her age in Busan
Identity of 23-year-old Jeong Yu-jeong, suspected of murdering a woman her age in Busan
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The identity of the culprit who murdered a woman the same age he met for the first time and abandoned the body has been revealed.

Twenty-three years old, Jeong Yoo-jeong.

Regarding the motive for the crime, Jeong Yoo-jung said, “I want to try killing myself.”

It turned out that he had meticulously prepared the crime for three months while searching for a murder target through the Internet.

Reporter Song Kwang-mo will tell you first.

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A woman in her twenties checks attention in front of a crosswalk.

Then, dragging the suitcase, we head downhill.

After killing a woman his age, he returns to his house and packs a travel bag to contain the body, returning to the scene of the crime.

The suspect caught by the police is Jeong Yoo-jeong, born in 1999 and 23 years old.

On the 26th, Jeong Yoo-jeong is suspected of killing a woman in her 20s whom she first met in an apartment in Busan with a weapon, damaging the body and abandoning it on the banks of the Nakdong River.

Two days before the crime, he deceived himself as a parent and posted on the tutoring brokerage application that he was looking for a tutor for the third year of middle school.

He then returned to his home, 6 km away, and returned to the victim’s house with a bag to contain the body.

Then, they put the damaged body in a travel bag and took a taxi to the Nakdong Riverside to abandon it.

Clothes with bloodstains and evidence of the crime were thrown into the apartment common trash.

[이웃 주민]
″I threw away a few 50-liter bags. Beds, sofa covers, and many other things came out. a woman’s blouse There is a lot of blood…”

Jeong Yoo-jung was caught by a taxi driver’s report.

Jeong Yoo-jeong, who has claimed to have committed the crime accidentally during an argument, confessed to continued interrogation that “I wanted to commit murder myself.”

[이윤호/부산 금정경찰서 형사과장]
″Persuaded by the investigator and family, she has changed her mind and has confessed to being a premeditated crime and is cooperating with the investigation.″

It turns out that the crime was prepared three months ago.

I searched for “murder without a body” on the Internet and borrowed several crime-related books from the library.

I bought bleach and plastic bags at the mart, and prepared the weapon used in the crime in advance.

[이웅혁/건국대 경찰학과 교수]
″Except for serial murder, I think it is a special abnormal motive crime. I think you can hardly find anything about taking a person’s life on the Internet.”

The police are scheduled to send Jeong Yoo-jeong to the prosecution tomorrow morning on charges of murder and abandonment of the body.

This is MBC News Song Kwang-mo.

Video coverage: Son Young-won (Busan), Lee Seong-wook (Busan)

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