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The final winner of Phantom Singer 4 is ‘Liberante’… “I will repay you with a good stage”


Liberante won the final championship of ‘Phantom Singer 4’.

On the 2nd, at the final stage of JTBC’s ‘Phantom Singer 4’, which was broadcast live at the Hall of Peace in Kyunghee University, Liberante won the final championship.

On this day’s broadcast, three teams participated in the contest, including Fortena (Lee Dong-gyu, Austin Team, Seo Young-taek, Kim Seong-hyun), Crezzle (Kim Soo-in, Lee Seung-min, Lim Kyu-hyung, Cho Jin-ho), and Riverante (Kim Ji-hoon, Jin-won, Noh Hyun-woo, Jeong Seung-won) and cheering them on. Fans, former champions such as Forte di Quattro, Forestella, and La Poem, and last season’s runner-up Lavidence competed in a festive atmosphere.

In the first round of the finals, which aired last Friday, Fortena took first place, but in the online viewer’s vote announced before the start of the contest, Liberante took first place with 125,267 votes out of a total of 260,623 votes. .

Then, the stage of the final battle over two rounds unfolded in the order of Portena, Krezzle, and Liberante.

Fortena selected Alessandro Safina’s ‘II profumo del cielo (Scent of Heaven)’ on the first stage of the first round. Crezzle presented a fresh stage reinterpreting BLACKPINK’s ‘Kill This Love’ in their own atmosphere. Liberante sang ”Risuona anima mia” by Placido Domingo.

In the second round, Fortena sang Claudio Baglioni’s ‘Buone Fortuna’ and Krezzle chose Michael Buble’s ‘Higher’. Liberante presented ‘Verita’ by Fernando Varela.

After their stage, La Poem, the season 3 winning team, performed ‘Mademoiselle Hyde’ and the 12 finalists of season 4 performed ‘Melody’.

The Phantom Singer 4 winning team was determined by adding 30% of the score from the first leg of the final, 10% of the online viewer vote score in advance, and 60% of the public text message vote score. During the live broadcast, a total of 335,892 calls were received via text message voting, of which 292,939 were valid votes. The third place among the three teams was occupied by Krezzle with 2784.79 points.

Lee Seung-min said, “Before enlisting in the military, I watched the season 3 final with a shaved head. I also thought that one day I would like to sing a song that makes my dream come true in the final. I’ll be grateful.” He cried.

Lim Gyu-hyung said, “We did well with the music we wanted regardless of ranking. I had a dream-like time just being able to decorate the stage with 11 singing monsters and all the participants. I really learned a lot. I got the driving force to sing more.”

Suin Kim said, “I think our team will be the 3rd place like 1st place. In the future, we will continue to deliver crossover music in the true sense of the word with unique, creative and diverse music like the Krezzle team. Please remember it for a long time.” Crezl ended his speech by shouting the slogan “Where is fun? In Crezl”.

The final winning team announced afterwards was Liberante with 3696.78 points. Liberante took 3rd place in the first round of the final, but won the final championship ahead of online pre-voting and public text voting.

Liberante’s Kim Ji-hoon said, “We proudly said that we would write a come-from-behind drama, but we didn’t expect it. I think that we were able to turn around like this thanks to the many fans who look forward to our music. Thank you to the team members and we will live while singing.” He expressed his feelings about winning.

Jinwon shed tears, saying, “I really think something like a miracle has happened. I’m a lacking person, but I think I was able to come to this place by meeting good teammates. Please support the Riberante team a lot in the future. I will repay you with a good stage.”

Noh Hyun-woo, who became the phantom winner in Phantom Kids, said, “I started vocal music after seeing Phantom Singer, and while imagining that I have to become a Phantom Singer by polishing and polishing for a long time, I really lived my life of music looking at only one Phantom Singer. I can’t believe that I became a great phantom singer, and I will sing hard and keep this wonderful dream alive with the members as a lifetime honor and a meaningful and valuable experience.”

Jeong Seung-won concluded his impressions by saying, “Phantom Singer was my first challenge, and I am grateful for the award of first place. It is the last time in Phantom Singer, but I will meet you again with a better stage in the future.”

Second place went to Portena with 3518.44 points.

Fortena’s Lee Dong-kyu, who won the runner-up, said, “I think it’s already a win just by meeting each other. Portena will show you more and better stages.” Therefore, I will repay you with better music and live singing for the rest of my life,” said Kim Seong-hyun, “When I started as a phantom singer, I promised to survive the harsh survival until the end, but I am grateful for the result of being runner-up. I am excited and excited to think about singing with good brothers for the rest of my life. . I will sing a comforting song”, Austin Kim said, “Phantom Singer was my home and a turning point in my musical life. I will write history with a more moving and unique harmony of Portena.”

The Phantom Singer 4 winning team will receive a prize of 200 million won and special benefits such as simultaneous release of albums and concert tours around the world, and the second place team will receive a prize of 100 million won.


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