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“I’m afraid I’ll meet someone like Jeong Yoo-jung” College students rush to quit tutoring apps

“I’m afraid I’ll meet someone like Jeong Yoo-jung” College students rush to quit tutoring apps
“I’m afraid I’ll meet someone like Jeong Yoo-jung” College students rush to quit tutoring apps

Jung, 4 out of 10 apps searching for criminal targets through tutoring apps also exposed contact information “Important information needs to be changed to optional” Jung “I don’t think I was crazy at the time”

Cover your eyes with a mask… Identity Disclosure Colorless On the 26th of last month, Jeong Yoo-jung, who killed a woman in her 20s whom she met through a tutoring brokerage app and abandoned after damaging the body, is leaving the Dongnae Police Station in Busan on the 2nd to be sent to the prosecution. On this day, it was pointed out that Jeong Yoo-jung’s decision to reveal her identity was colorless as she stood in front of the camera with her face covered with a black bungee hat and mask. Busan = Newsis

“I thought I could have been a victim.” A 25-year-old student at Pusan ​​National University, surnamed Kim, deleted the tutoring brokerage application (app) from her smartphone on the 2nd. This is because the anxiety grew after learning that Jung Yoo-jeong (in prison, photo), who murdered a woman in her 20s her age, searched for the target of the crime through her tutoring brokerage app. Ms. Kim said, “She heard that it was easy to find tutoring through the app, and she signed up a few months ago. Jung Yoo-jeong said, “I think I was crazy. She is sorry to the bereaved family,” she belatedly lowered her head.

● Expansion of withdrawal from tutoring brokerage apps

As Jeong Yoo-jung’s bizarre crime method is revealed, a procession of ‘Exodus’ is continuing in colleges where female students withdraw from the tutoring brokerage app. About 450,000 tutors and about 1.2 million students and parents are registered in the tutoring mediation app that Jung Yoo-jung used. Park Mo (21, female), a student at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, said, “It turns out that most of my friends, including me, have signed up for the tutoring mediation app that Jung Yoo-jung used.” Most of the tutoring mediation apps require you to register your face photo, school, and residence when you register as a tutor. In the case of the mediation app that Jung Yoo-jung used, she said, she also asked for documents to prove her identity, such as a student ID. She can easily check these information when she registers as a student or parent member.

Phone numbers are also easy to get. The Dong-A Ilbo checked 10 tutoring brokerage apps and websites, and found that 4 of them were able to check the tutor’s personal contact information within 5 to 10 minutes with just a few clicks when a student or parent signed up as a member. One place did not have a phone number listed, but when you press the call button, you are immediately connected to the tutor.

In the other five places, when you apply for tutoring or ask for chat counseling, the tutor responds via message or phone call. When a Dong-A Ilbo reporter signed up for one of these services as a ‘parent who wants English tutoring for a 3rd grade female student in middle school,’ just as Jeong Yoo-jeong did, within a minute he said, “I can give you advice. A message came from the tutor, “Is telephone counseling available now?”

● ‘Let’s meet’ contact from middle-aged men

Concerns have been raised that tutoring brokerage apps could be abused as a channel for sex crimes.

Ms. Park (27, female), who said she found tutoring several times using a brokerage app in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, said, “I posted a profile picture taken for a job, and 1 or 2 out of 10 contacts I received were from middle-aged men, regardless of tutoring. ‘, he said. He also said, “Once I said, ‘I’m not interested in tutoring, I just need to talk. I also received a message that I will give you the amount you want.” Ms. Jeong (24, female), who posted that she could provide Japanese tutoring, said, “I met a man in his early 30s who wanted to get a Japanese language license. ”he said.

Experts point out that it is necessary to reduce the exposure of personal information in the case of apps that mediate tutoring. Choi Gyeong-jin, professor of law at Gachon University (head of the Personal Information Experts Association), said, “Important information such as phone numbers that are required in some apps needs to be changed to optional.” It is necessary to review the method of certifying private tutors and giving them a certification mark.”

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