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Kwon Kwang-jin, who left N.Flying, was shocked: “My wife’s friend spread the sexual harassment rumor”

/Photo = YouTube ‘Snooping’

Kwon Kwang-jin, a former member of the band N.Flying, directly explained his past controversies, including sexual harassment.

Kwon Kwang-jin appeared in a video titled ‘Former idol Kwon Kwang-jin, who was fired while dating a fan, “We Got Married” (formerly CNBLUE, N.Flying Invincible)’, which was released on the YouTube channel ‘Snooping’ on the 15th.

/Photo = YouTube ‘Snooping’

In the video, the production team asked Kwon Kwang-jin, “You were kicked out of N.Flying for dating a fan. At the time, it was not true that you dated a fan and sexually harassed her, but there was an article saying there was an exchange.”

In response to this, Kwon Gwang-jin said, “I was dating (a fan),” and added, “I was taught that I should not date, so I lied in self-defense without knowing. I was discovered dating.”

/Photo = YouTube ‘Snooping’

Regarding his expulsion from the team, Kwon Kwang-jin said, “The company probably couldn’t handle it because it involved ridiculous sexual harassment,” and also revealed for the first time that his current wife was a fan he was dating at the time. Kwon Gwang-jin said, “It was fate. I fell in love with my current wife because she was pretty,” and added, “I was a fan at that time.”

Kwon Kwang-jin even added to the shock by saying, regarding the sexual harassment controversy, “It was a rumor created by other fans. It was not even reported or booked, it was an Internet trash talk. The person who wrote this article was my wife’s close older sister.”

Kwon Kwang-jin replied, “My wife’s close friend is also a fan, and when I saw her meet up with me, I got jealous. I was also shocked by the spread of unfounded rumors. I filed a complaint.”

The article is in Korean

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