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‘Gaya Ancient Tombs’ confirmed to be registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site

‘Gaya Ancient Tombs’ confirmed to be registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site
‘Gaya Ancient Tombs’ confirmed to be registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site

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The ancient Gaya Ancient Tombs have been registered as a World Cultural Heritage.

It took 10 years, and we talk about the meaning of this cultural heritage registration and future tasks with Kang Dong-jin, a professor of urban engineering at Kyungsung University who serves as a member of the World Heritage Subcommittee at the Cultural Heritage Committee.

The ‘Gaya Ancient Tombs’, representing the ancient Gaya civilization, has become Korea’s 16th World Heritage Site. Last night, our time, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee decided to list the ‘Gaya Ancient Tombs’ as a World Heritage Site. Please explain the meaning first.

I understand that the Gaya tomb group registered this time is a group of seven tombs representing the Gaya state that existed in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula during the Three Kingdoms period. Please explain in more detail what kind of place it is.

It has come to fruition 10 years since it was inscribed on the World Heritage Tentative List in 2013. Why did it take so long?

The World Heritage Committee evaluated the Gaya Ancient Tombs as “outstanding value.” What did you pay attention to?

Gaya is called an ‘unknown kingdom’, ‘lost history’, and a ‘forgotten kingdom’. Unlike Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla that existed at the same time, there are not many records left in old literature. What kind of country can we understand it to be?

I heard that there are unique characteristics of Gaya that can be seen through the seven ancient tombs in Gaya?

What are the relics excavated from the Gaya tombs, and what can we learn about the Gaya era from these?

The Gaya Ancient Tombs have been recognized as a world historical value that must be preserved by humanity beyond the national heritage. What will change in the future? Are there any changes in conservation and management methods?

Do you think that the news of the registration of the Gaya Ancient Tombs will give a boost to the investigation and research of the Gaya Temple?

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