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‘Gaming gear that shines in youth’ Micronics participates in Danawa Academy Festival: Boardnara article

‘Gaming gear that shines in youth’ Micronics participates in Danawa Academy Festival: Boardnara article
‘Gaming gear that shines in youth’ Micronics participates in Danawa Academy Festival: Boardnara article

Hanmi Micronics (CEO: Hyunmin Kang, hereinafter referred to as Micronics), a company specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of gaming devices, participated in the ‘2023 Second Half Danawa Academy Festival’ held at Sogang University (Mapo-gu, Seoul) on September 18, 2023, and introduced gaming gear. ㆍVarious products such as PC cases and power supplies were exhibited. Micronics expects that this event will serve as an opportunity to promote its brand and products to young consumers.

Starting with its flagship power supplies such as WIZMAX PLATINUM and ASTRO II Platinum, Micronics attracted the attention of visitors by exhibiting the EH1-Mondrian, which embodies the painting style of Piet Mondrian. In addition, ‘official e-sports products’ such as Wizmax W101P gaming keyboard and Mecca ZM2 gaming mouse were also displayed, attracting the attention of young visitors.

Premium mechanical keyboard ‘CALUX’ and ‘GAMDIAS’ brand products were also unveiled for the first time at the Academy Festival. Calix, which is a combination of the words “Calix,” which means very handsome, and “Luxury,” which means luxurious, is being developed with the goal of providing both a luxurious design and a keyboard feel.

The body is made of precision-machined aluminum, providing both a luxurious feel and durability. It has a stylish feel that is different from existing keyboards with low-profile mechanical switches and white LEDs. We plan to support various combinations of keycap colors to reflect users’ personal tastes, and considering the steadily increasing number of Mac operating system users, switching between wired and wireless and Windows and Mac OS is also possible.

The mid-tower PC case ‘EH1-MONDRIAN’ was designed with inspiration from the works of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter famous for his unique painting style including lines, three primary colors, and achromatic colors.

In addition to its stylish design, it has secured enough space to accommodate a graphics card up to 435 mm in length, and has three cooling fans on the front and one on the back to ensure natural intake and exhaust of air. In particular, installing a cooling fan on the rear of the motherboard can lower the temperature of the motherboard power supply by about 5 degrees and helps with system overclocking or stable use of high-performance systems.

Gamedias is a global gaming peripheral brand that has released full tower PC case ‘NESO P1’, mid-tower PC case ‘ATHENA P1’, and integrated water cooling system ‘CHIONE P3’ in Korea. . It is characterized by solid performance and functionality along with a configuration that reflects the individual preferences of the consumer who decorates the system.

Wizmax Platinum and Astro II Platinum support efficient system operation by receiving the 80 PLUS PLATINUM certification, which can be obtained only by achieving an efficiency of 89 to 92% or higher depending on the load section. Free Voltage design was applied to withstand the high input voltage fluctuations applied to electrical products in extreme environments.

Second-generation GPU-VR (GPU-Voltage Regulation) technology that stably outputs +12V voltage helps ensure component operation and overclocking stability, and second-generation aftercooling (After) maintains component life by discharging residual heat from the power supply. Cooling technology has been strengthened to adjust the rotation speed according to the internal temperature. The warranty period is also 10 years, so consumers can use it with peace of mind, and they can experience the value of a premium power supply with a policy of exchanging it for a new product if a problem occurs within the warranty period.

Wizmax W101P gaming keyboard was developed with a focus on properly combining performance and functionality with visual elements. We attempted to differentiate ourselves with three colors that stimulate a retro sensibility.

The strength of this product is that it has an IPX8-rated completely waterproof design to minimize problems even if the keyboard is contaminated with beverages or foreign substances. The switch, board (PCB), and even the frame surrounding the keyboard are waterproofed, and there is even a drain hole at the bottom, so even if it gets dirty, it can be reused after washing with water. We have passed rigorous testing by a domestic certification agency and, with the confidence we have received, we are the first in the industry to provide submersion guarantee.

The Mecca ZM2 gaming mouse emphasizes its high-tech design with white as the main color on its sleek, streamlined body. By applying LED character lines to the bottom, sides, and back of the switch button, it also has a unique personality as a gaming mouse. LEDs placed throughout provide a rainbow RGB illumination function and 7 LED lighting modes to help users use it according to their preference.

In addition to the texture when held in the hand and the feeling of contact with the fingers and palm, the optimal lines that take into account all aesthetic elements help you immerse yourself in the game itself. The PMW3370 sensor, which can be adjusted in 7 levels from 400 DPI to 19,000 DPI, provides the optimal value for gamers and shows accurate and stable movement at any speed.

Jeongsoo Park, President of Micronics Component Business Division, said, “We expect that the Danawa Academy Festival in the second half of 2023 will serve as an opportunity for Micronics’ various products to be remembered by young visitors. “We will continue to strive to expand our contact points with consumers,” he said.

Detailed information about Micronics’ gaming gear, PC cases, and peripherals participating in the Danawa Academy Festival in the second half of 2023 can be found on the website (

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