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The Hangzhou Asian Games national soccer team has completed preparations for the first group match against Kuwait, which will be held today (19th).

Coach Hwang Seon-hong made a bid to become the first men’s soccer team to win three consecutive gold medals.

This is reporter Shin Soobin from Jinhua, China.


Before the game, the national team focused on training in a happy atmosphere rather than being nervous.

The training was open to the public for only 15 minutes, and the final quenching was completed by hiding the power.

The national team’s goal is to win three consecutive championships following the Incheon and Jakarta-Palembang competitions.

[황선홍/아시안게임 축구 대표팀 감독 : “반드시 승리하고 싶고 또 승리해야만 합니다. 우리가 인내를 갖고 하면 반드시 승리할 것이라고 저는 믿습니다. 좋은 결과로 보답하겠습니다. 많은 응원 부탁드립니다.”]

The national team trained according to the time of the game, but the hot weather emerged as a variable.

Even at night, the temperature exceeds 30 degrees and the humidity is so high that you will sweat even if you stand still.

However, the national team did not lose confidence.

[이광연/아시안게임 축구 국가대표 : “팀적으로, 전술적으로 모두 준비가 됐고요. 역사를 4연패, 5연패 계속 더 이어갈 수 있게 저희가 그 발판을 잘 마련해 놓겠습니다.”]

The national team is desperate to win the first game against Kuwait.

Ace Lee Kang-in of Paris Saint-Germain will join on the 21st, and it is important to confirm the round of 16 early by winning the first and second games so that Lee Kang-in can be saved for the group stage.

As the second match will be held on the 21st, just two days later, physical strength allocation must also be considered.

The national soccer team, who will kick off the Asian Games, has completed all preparations and is beginning its powerful journey toward the gold medal.

This is Shin Soobin of KBS News from Evolution.

Camera reporter: Ha-woon Choi/Video editor: Gyeong-sang Park

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