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Hospital care fee payment settlement service ‘Code Blossom’ launches family care service


Code Blossom Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Min-sik), which operates a hospital care fee payment/settlement service, announced that it has launched a family care service for patients and their families.

Code Blossom Family Care Service is a service that helps the families of patients covered by caregiver insurance to officially register as caregivers with Code Blossom and claim nursing expenses from the insurance company.

To use the Code Blossom family care service, apply for consultation at the care fee payment/settlement service, and a professional counselor will check the qualifications and support caregiver registration. Pay the care fee through the payment/settlement service and provide supporting documents to the insurance company. We provide services so that you can claim nursing expenses.

The reason why Code Blossom launched the Korean family care service was because it was engaged in a caregiver placement project at leading hospitals in Korea and was keenly aware of the difficulties patients and guardians faced due to caregiving.

Kim Min-sik, CEO of Code Blossom Co., Ltd., said, “Families taking care of patients experience great difficulties economically and socially.” He added, “As the number of patients increases rapidly due to the super-aging population, economic and social support and attention for patients and their families are essential.” He said.

Code Blossom is a healthcare company that innovates the Korean care market based on IT technology and expertise in nursing and solves the nursing care problems of patients and their guardians.

Press release provided by: Code Blossom


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