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Elderly people who frequently eat cheese have lower risk of dementia (study)


Elderly people who frequently eat cheese have been shown to have better cognitive function and a lower risk of dementia. [사진=클립아트코리아]

Staying active, eating healthily, and not smoking are all things doctors recommend to keep your brain healthy as you age. However, in addition, research results have shown that eating cheese helps prevent dementia by preventing cognitive decline.

According to a research team from Japan’s Obushi National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, people who regularly eat cheese scored better on cognitive tests. “This suggests that people who eat cheese have a lower risk of dementia,” the research team said.

“Previous studies have shown that physical activity, a Mediterranean diet, consumption of dairy products, and moderate wine consumption can slow or prevent dementia and cognitive decline,” the research team said. “Consuming soy products, vegetables, seaweed, milk, and dairy products. “There are also other research results that show that doing so lowers the risk,” he explained.

To further examine the link between brain health and dairy products, the research team analyzed data on the dietary habits and health of 1,504 seniors aged 65 or older living in Tokyo. Eight out of 10 subjects included cheese in their diet every day (27.6%), once every two days (23.7%), or once a week (29.7%).

The research team administered a 30-point test to test cognitive functions, including checks on orientation, attention, memory, language and visuospatial skills. A score of 23 or less means poor cognitive function.

The study found that people who included cheese in their diet were less likely to score lower than this score. The research team explained, “This suggests better cognitive function.” On average, people who eat cheese scored 28 points, while those who didn’t eat cheese scored 27 points.

Cheese eaters also had slightly lower body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure, walked faster, and had a more varied diet. On the other hand, cholesterol and blood sugar levels were higher. “The results of this study show that cheese consumption is inversely related to low cognitive function,” the research team explained. “Although further research is needed, the nutrients in cheese that support cognitive function may be helpful.” .

The results of this study (Inverse Association between Cheese Consumption and Lower Cognitive Function in Japanese Community-Dwelling Older Adults Based on a Cross-Sectional Study) were published in the international academic journal ‘Nutrients’.

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