“The relative evaluation submitted for the high school credit system was ‘Warm Iced Americano’”


Pros and cons of experts and parents at the 2028 college entrance reform public hearing… “Even absolute evaluation has many side effects.”

There are only 128 public hearing seats… Progressive group protests, “Is this a place open to the public?”

Vice Minister of Education Jang Sang-yoon saluting the national flag

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Shin Hyun-woo = Vice Minister of Education Jang Sang-yoon is saluting the national flag while attending a public hearing on the 2028 college entrance exam system reform plan held at FKI Tower in Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 20th. 2023.11.20 [email protected]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Seo Hye-rim = At ​​a public hearing related to the reform of the college entrance system for the 2028 school year, which will be applied from the second year of middle school, there were mixed opinions from experts and parents on the proposal prepared by the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education held a public hearing on the 2028 college entrance exam system reform proposal at KFI Tower in Yeouido on the 20th.

Previously, the Ministry of Education announced the 2028 college entrance reform plan, which included the following major items: ▲ abolishing elective subjects for the College Scholastic Ability Test, ▲ considering the establishment of a new advanced mathematics section for the CSAT, and ▲ implementing a 5-grade relative evaluation of high school grades.

At the public hearing on this day, officials from the Office of Education, university, and parents attended and expressed various opinions on the proposal.

Joo Jong-han, head of the policy 2 team of the National Council of Provincial and Provincial Education Superintendents, said, “If the relative evaluation system is maintained with the main subjects of the CSAT being grade 9 and internal grades grade 5, classroom classes will be buried in simple memorization and problem solving,” and internal grades will never be grade 5. They introduced ‘evaluation’ and argued that the CSAT should also be evaluated absolutely.

He said, “The high school credit system and the achievement evaluation system are not compatible. If relative evaluation is implemented under the high school credit system, the differences in advantages and disadvantages for each subject are bound to become more severe.” He added, “As the number of students decreases, it becomes difficult to get a good grade, and students with high grades flock.” “They end up avoiding registering for classes,” he pointed out.

Lee Do-kyeong, an education reporter at Kookmin Ilbo, also pointed out, “The high school credit system is now only a pattern. The claim of maintaining a line-up while pursuing future classes suited to career aptitude is like ordering a ‘warm iced Americano.'”

On the other hand, there were also opinions that relative evaluation should be maintained as there are expected to be many problems when introducing absolute evaluation.

Kang Yun-jeong, a teacher at Guam High School, said, “If absolute evaluation is introduced 100%, internal grades will be neutralized due to inflated grades and distrust of internal grades,” adding, “It is highly likely that the need for university-specific examinations will emerge and lead to problems such as preference for special purpose high schools and autonomous private high schools.” and analyzed.

Cho Sang-hoon, chairman of the Association of Deans of Admissions at Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Incheon Universities, said, “If relative evaluation of internal grades is eliminated and quality management of achievement (absolute) evaluation is not guaranteed, the introduction of the achievement evaluation system will inevitably be delayed.” He added, “Introduction of a high school credit system that strengthens student-led design authority.” “It is inevitable that the purpose will fade,” he said.

Shin Sang-suk, a parent, said, “Even if the CSAT becomes an absolute evaluation, it will not ease the competition in college admission itself,” and expressed concern. “Ultimately, it will go against the normalization of public education and stimulate parents’ anxiety, forcing them to rely on private education.”

It was also pointed out that all students were required to take the integrated social studies and integrated sciences together in the CSAT.

Mira Jeong, Vice Director of the Education Policy Design Research Institute, said, “If the CSAT for high school seniors is conducted with a 9-grade relative evaluation, most schools will endlessly repeat integrated science and integrated society (which are CSAT subjects),” adding, “The subjects at the basic level for high school seniors will be included in November for high school seniors.” He pointed out, “Seeing this is a foreshadowing that more ‘strange questions’ than ‘killer questions’ will be asked.”

Education civil society organizations shouting slogans

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Shin Hyun-woo = Officials from education civil society groups such as World Without Worries about Private Education and the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union held a public hearing on the 2028 college entrance exam system reform proposal in front of the FKI Tower in Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 20th. They are shouting slogans, calling for the withdrawal of the proposal. 2023.11.20 [email protected]

Meanwhile, after the public hearing was full on this day, an uproar broke out as parents and education officials who were unable to enter protested.

When they were denied entry, they loudly protested, saying it was not a public hearing where everyone could participate.

At the public hearing, when a progressive group held up a picket sign saying ‘Introduction of absolute evaluation’, conservative group officials protested asking them to remove the picket, causing the event to be halted for a while.

Even before the public hearing, progressive and conservative education groups held a press conference in front of the KFI Tower and expressed their opinions.

Conservative groups such as the National Alliance for Liberal Democratic Education said, “We do not agree with the claim that excessive competition in entrance exams can be alleviated if the CSAT is converted to an absolute evaluation,” and added, “The ‘Death Pentagon’ where grades, academic records, essays, and interviews are all important.” “This will begin,” he claimed.

Progressive groups such as the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union pointed out that there were only 128 seats for the public hearing on this day, saying, “It is surprising that only these seats are prepared for a venue that is open to the public at the final stage of finalizing the system.” “I want to ask if you are willing to listen,” he pointed out.

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