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Welfare and firefighting systems have also stopped. There has also been criticism of the government’s ‘naeronambul’.

Welfare and firefighting systems have also stopped. There has also been criticism of the government’s ‘naeronambul’.
Welfare and firefighting systems have also stopped. There has also been criticism of the government’s ‘naeronambul’.
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Let’s talk more with reporter Song Jae-won, who covered this story.

Reporter Song, first of all, it is not yet clear how much damage was caused by this administrative network paralysis. Was there any explanation from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security?

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The aftermath of this incident was greater than expected.

The issuance of civil documents was not stopped.

Simultaneous failures occurred in various major computer networks used by public officials across the country.

First of all, ‘Onnara’, a local government civil servant work management program, as well as ‘Greetings’ and ‘Happy Eum’ have all stopped working.

As a result, there were setbacks in personnel and welfare work.

In particular, our investigation revealed that there were some problems with the fire department’s geographic information system.

Because of this, people were unable to find the person who called 119 on their own and had to ask the police for help.

However, in yesterday’s briefing, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security said, “The problem has been resolved,” and only tried to emphasize that civil service work has been normalized.

It was a situation where the damage that was not revealed was significant.

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It seems like cases of damage will continue to be confirmed.

In fact, looking back on when the Kakao service was disrupted in October of last year, the government scolded Kakao a lot and put pressure on it. It seems like the government should be stricter on itself.

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Yes, last year, when a fire at the Pangyo data center caused a disruption in all Kakao services,

The government also criticized Kakao for not having a proper ‘backup system’.

Criticism is bound to grow as to what preparations the public computer network was making.

This is already the third similar accident this year, involving the court computer network in March and the educational administration information system ‘NICE’ in June.

For this reason, complaints from private companies are rising over the government’s so-called ‘narrow-down’ attitude, which is strict only with the private sector.

There are a series of posts in anonymous online communities saying, “If this incident had occurred in a private company, the government would not have left it alone.”

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The Ministry of Public Administration and Security reported on urgent issues at the National Assembly today. Was there any progress made here?

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Nothing significant was mentioned.

While failing to address the root cause of the system error, they only stated that they would form a ‘Local Administrative Computer Service TF’ to come up with comprehensive measures.

It looks like there will be a few more anxious days ahead.

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The cause must be accurately identified to prevent recurrence.

Yes, Reporter Song, you heard me well.

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