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President Yoon arrives in the UK… First state guest since the coronation of Charles III


President Yoon Seok-yeol paid a state visit to the UK.

This is the first invitation since the coronation of King Charles III.

President Yoon plans to seek ways to cooperate between the two countries through a speech to the British Parliament and a summit meeting, and then visits France to make an all-out effort to host the Busan Expo.

This is reporter Choi Ji-sook from the UK.


After attending the APEC summit held in San Francisco, USA, President Yoon returned to Korea and reviewed domestic issues before heading straight to the UK.

This visit was at the invitation of King Charles III, and is the first state guest invited since the coronation in May.

Previously, King Charles III said in his opening speech to the British Parliament that he looked forward to the state visit of President Yoon and his wife, and also visited Koreatown for the first time.

The state visit will begin with an official welcome ceremony, followed by a welcome lunch, wreath-laying at the Korean War Memorial, and a visit to Westminster Abbey.

In addition, he will give a speech at the British Parliament, which is considered the ‘cradle of liberal democracy’, presenting a vision for Korea-UK relations.

A summit meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is also scheduled during the visit, with plans to promote strategic cooperation in various fields.

(Last 8th) “The two countries plan to discuss ways to strengthen strategic cooperation in various fields such as digital, AI, cyber security, nuclear power, defense industry, bio, space, semiconductors, offshore wind power, and clean energy. no see.”

In terms of economic diplomacy, we have set four goals.

(Last 8th) “The first is securing new markets, the second is the supply chain, the third is cutting-edge science and technology, and the fourth is carbon-free energy solidarity.”

As soon as President Yoon concludes his state visit to the UK, he plans to move to Paris, France to negotiate with representatives of international exhibition organizations from each country to host the Busan Expo.

The plan is to convey Korea’s strong will and preparations ahead of the selection as the host site for the ‘2030 World Expo’ and to target the votes of countries with a weak base.

This is Choi Ji-sook from Yonhap News TV in London, England.

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