Ok-sun “Father, even in the 80s, he had a billion-dollar business, no Yangak”… Revealing the family’s wealth on a supercar (‘Ask Anything’)

Ok-sun “Father, even in the 80s, he had a billion-dollar business, no Yangak”… Revealing the family’s wealth on a supercar (‘Ask Anything’)
Ok-sun “Father, even in the 80s, he had a billion-dollar business, no Yangak”… Revealing the family’s wealth on a supercar (‘Ask Anything’)

[스포츠조선 문지연 기자] Ok-sun directly answers the suspicions surrounding the 16th cast of ‘I’m Solo’, including plastic surgery and luxury goods.

In the 242nd episode of KBS Joy’s ‘Ask Anything’ on the 20th, ‘I am Solo’ 16th cast member ‘Oksun’, a hot topic that surprised the Bodhisattvas, makes a spectacular appearance in a sports car.

When Seo Jang-hoon greeted Ok-sun with the brightest expression in the history of ‘Ask Me Anything’, Lee Soo-geun asked, “Is this someone I met a long time ago?” Seo Jang-hoon said, “I can’t not know this person,” and “I’m on the solo legend side.” With the explanation, he smiled with full gums.

As the 16th cast of ‘I’m Solo’ became a hot topic, malicious comments began to be made to Ok-soon, such as “I shaved my chin,” “I shaved my chin,” and “I show off with a luxury shopping bag,” and numerous suspicions and misunderstandings surrounded her. Oksun, who visited ‘Ask Anything’ to solve her problems, told stories about divorce, love, and family finances along with her current concerns.

The story of a quick marriage after two months and a divorce after a month and a half, which was also revealed in ‘I’m Solo’, the parents’ wealth beyond imagination related to the sports car that stole attention from the moment it appeared, and Yangak, which Lee Soo-geun guaranteed to be true, saying, “I believe that.” It is expected to resolve the curiosity of many viewers by revealing the truth about the many suspicions surrounding Ok-sun, including the story about the surgery.

When Seo Jang-hoon asked, “I come from a wealthy family to appear in Solo,” Ok-sun revealed her family’s wealth by saying, “My father made OOO billion in 1980,” and added, “When I was in high school, my daily allowance was OOO won.” When further mentioned, Seo Jang-hoon doubted the truth and asked, “Are you for real?” and proved that he was a loyal listener by adding, “People who have seen Solo may have such questions.”

Oksun also mentioned the rumor about double jaw surgery and said, “I was sick during my solo filming, so I lost 10kg compared to now.” When she clarified the rumor by saying, “My chin was originally small and I never shaved it,” Lee Soo-geun said, “I believe that. Children from poor families have lower jaw.” “This is developing,” he said, comparing it to his poor childhood and bewildering Seo Jang-hoon, who was listening quietly, by arguing, “What do you guys know?”

In particular, when Ok-soon mentioned the false rumors about her relationship with another cast member of ‘I’m Solo’ and said, “I’m meeting someone new besides her, but we’re not dating yet and we’re just getting to know each other,” Lee Soo-geun said, “So you’re saying I’m still single, right?” At the same time, I asked Seo Jang-hoon, “Are you going to come out then? Together?” and Seo Jang-hoon looked embarrassed, saying, “Me??”

After the broadcast of ‘I am Solo’, in which he said, “Now I can confidently say this,” the truth about various suspicions surrounding the 16th Ok-sun and whether Ok-sun will appear on Bosalt next year will be revealed on KBS Joy’s ‘Ask Anything’ at 8:30 pm on the 20th. You can check it.

In addition to this, there is the story of a single man in his 60s who came to ‘Ask Anything’ in search of a remarriage partner after becoming single, and an impromptu bodhisattva story of a woman who also appeared on a previous broadcast for a public courtship, and a man who has fallen into a pseudo-religion and is forcing religion on himself. The story of a person who wants to escape from their family will also be broadcast.

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