Tablo, “I’ll show everything about the Tajinyo incident to my daughter Haru.”

Tablo, “I’ll show everything about the Tajinyo incident to my daughter Haru.”
Tablo, “I’ll show everything about the Tajinyo incident to my daughter Haru.”

Tablo, a member of the group Epik High, and broadcaster Shin Dong-yeop revealed that they first showed dark past events to their children.

On the 20th, on the YouTube channel ‘Janhan Hyeong Shin Dong-yeop’, ‘The 13th Salty Epik High EP.14 Who is good at (revealing)’ [금지어 대결]While a video titled ‘Epik High’, a group celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, appeared as a guest and spoke.

On this day, member Tablo opened up and said, “To be honest, the three of us have hardly ever drank together since we got married.” Tablo said, “I quit drinking for two years. I didn’t realize it had been two years. “I thought it was possible to just stop drinking,” he said. “And then I lost my friends.” In response, Tukutz said, “It never happened in the first place,” and laughed at the bickering chemistry between the two.

Tablo said, “Tukut is my younger brother. I was speechless from the first time I saw him. Didn’t I come from overseas? “I knew I could just do it,” he revealed. Tukutz then said, “He came from abroad and said he was 22 years old. I was also 22 years old. “I’m 10,000 years old and Korean age,” he said. “I didn’t say ‘hey’ instead,” he said, noting that although he was comfortable speaking, he kept the line. Mithra, who was watching this, said, “If you two fight, I won’t stop you. “I’m not fighting,” he said, causing everyone around him to burst into laughter.

Epik High celebrates its 20th debut anniversary this year. Tablo asked Shin Dong-yup, who celebrated his 32nd debut anniversary, “Did you have any difficulties when you debuted more than 20 years ago?” Shin Dong-yeop said, “I don’t tend to attach meaning to certain numbers. Still, it was difficult in 20 years. Coincidentally, I ended up taking a year off from broadcasting,” he said, making everyone laugh by mentioning his dark past.

Shin Dong-yeop said, “Now when the kids grow up, don’t they search for everything? So I said ‘ta-da’ in advance and showed it.” Tablo responded, “Me too. I showed my daughter (Haru) about the ‘Tajinyo (demanding the truth about Tablo)’ incident when she was 11 years old. “At that time, the words I said, ‘It’s not that I don’t believe it, it’s that I don’t believe it’ came from my heart, so I didn’t know that it would resonate with so many people, and I was embarrassed to say it while crying,” he said. “But I also showed that to Haru. ‘Someone could bully you like this too,’ he explained. “Aren’t you old enough to search?” he confessed, drawing attention.

Jeong Ho-cheol, who heard this, threw a direct ball, saying, “Brother (Tablo) was a rumor, and senior Shin Dong-yeop was the truth.” Shin Dong-yeop also said to Tablo, “You wore casual clothes. “There wasn’t even a number written on the clothes,” he said, and ended the situation by self-disclosing, “No matter what, let’s follow the law.”


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