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Israeli military discovers Hamas tunnel and weapons factory in mosque

Israeli military discovers Hamas tunnel and weapons factory in mosque
Israeli military discovers Hamas tunnel and weapons factory in mosque
Hamas weapons that the Israeli military found in a mosque near Zaytoun in Gaza City/Israeli Army YouTube

The Israeli Forces (IDF), which is engaged in street fighting to eliminate the Palestinian armed faction Hamas in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, announced that it had discovered a Hamas weapons manufacturing factory hidden inside a mosque, an Islamic temple.

According to the Times of Israel on the 20th (local time), IDF Chief Spokesperson Major General Daniel Hagari said at a press conference this evening, “We have confirmed that a mosque in the Zaytoon region was used as a weapons manufacturing laboratory.” Zaytoun is a Hamas stronghold south of Gaza City.

“Soldiers entered the mosque to check for traps,” said Major General Hagari. “They discovered tunnel passages and stairs inside the mosque.” He continued, “The military identified a rocket manufacturing workshop in the basement of the mosque.”

In the photo released by the IDF, there is a square entrance leading down to the basement inside the mosque, and on one side, materials that appear to be used to manufacture rockets are scattered here and there.

Director Hagari claimed, “The ‘terrorists’ were manufacturing rockets in the mosque,” ​​and “They used Islam and its symbols for terrorism.” He said, “The IDF will continue to expose Hamas’ use of civilian locations for terrorist purposes.”

On this day, the IDF said in a statement, “The military killed hundreds of terrorist operatives in Zaytoun,” and added, “We will continue to work to eliminate all terrorist group infrastructure in the nearby area.” It also said that “military forces engaged in several exchanges of fire with Hamas, including operatives hiding in residential homes, hospitals, schools and other civilian locations.”

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