Government announces results of ‘medical school quota’ demand survey today

Government announces results of ‘medical school quota’ demand survey today
Government announces results of ‘medical school quota’ demand survey today

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The government will announce today how many 40 medical schools across the country want to increase their number of students.

The government had previously suddenly canceled its announcement plan, but decided to make it public in about a week.

This is reporter Son Gu-min.

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The government today announces the results of a survey of each university’s demand for medical school admissions seats.

It was previously reported that universities across the country with medical schools hope to increase the number of medical school students by up to 2,700 starting from the 2025 school year.

It has been reported that they want to increase the number of personnel by up to 4,000 from 2030.

The government is officially disclosing the specific number of troops it wants to increase.

The government’s original plan was to increase the number of medical school students by about 1,000, but demand from universities is much greater than the government expected.

On the 9th, the government completed a demand survey of 40 universities with medical schools and was planning to announce the survey results on the 13th, four days later, but suddenly canceled the plan.

There was also criticism that the government delayed announcing the results for more than a week due to concerns about backlash from doctors.

In fact, doctors from the Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Association held a rally in front of the Presidential Office in Yongsan, Seoul, and medical student groups also decided to hold an extraordinary general meeting soon.

[양동호/광주광역시의사회 대의원회 의장 (지난 15일)]
“We would like to inform you in advance that if (the government) unilaterally decides to expand the number of medical school seats, our medical community will have no choice but to respond with a strong struggle beyond 2020.”

The government’s position is, “We were not conscious of this because there is always opposition from doctors,” and “we needed to organize things, including additional investigations into universities.”

The scale of medical school expansion announced today is only the medical school’s wish list, and the actual scale of expansion will be confirmed through an inspection by the government’s medical education inspection team.

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