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Taylor Swift to Britney Spears… Biden: “It’s not easy to turn 60.”

Taylor Swift to Britney Spears… Biden: “It’s not easy to turn 60.”
Taylor Swift to Britney Spears… Biden: “It’s not easy to turn 60.”


President Joe Biden, the oldest sitting U.S. president ever, celebrated his 81st birthday.

President Biden, who is seeking re-election, is considering ways to highlight competitiveness while taking on the ‘risk of aging.’

This is Correspondent Jeong Ho-yoon in Washington.


Three days before Thanksgiving, America’s biggest holiday, President Joe Biden announced the start of the holiday by pardoning a turkey, a White House tradition.

Today is President Biden’s 81st birthday.

President Biden, who declared a re-run in next year’s presidential election, passed over the ‘risk of old age’, which is considered a weakness, with a unique joke.

“Today is my birthday. I want you to know that turning 60 is not easy. It is not easy.”

However, the issue of aging is cited as a major factor eroding President Biden’s competitiveness in various opinion polls.

At the event on this day, President Biden mistakenly referred to American pop star ‘Taylor Swift’ as ‘Britney Spears’, and it is pointed out that making mistakes in speech or frequently falling down at public events is also contributing to this concern.

The presidential campaign is also deeply concerned.

It was pointed out that President Biden should more actively appeal to the advantages of his experience and increase his campaign schedule to show a more energetic appearance.

“People say that Biden is old. I’ll tell you this. Think about it. As you get older, you become wiser. I’ve been doing this longer than anyone else.”

Some argue that the president should be given more rest, such as reducing wasteful overseas business trips during the remaining year.

The age of the oldest person in history is still considered an absolute disadvantage.

However, it is clear that President Biden’s camp expects that the controversy over old age will fade after the presidential race is reorganized into a final contest.

This is Jeong Ho-yoon from Yonhap News TV in Washington. ([email protected])

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