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Oh Se-hoon met with Mayor Goyang, “Expansion into an integrated research group incorporated into Seoul City”


“Mega city discussion, need for expansion not only in the metropolitan area but also in regional areas such as Buul-Gyeong, Daejeon, and Chungcheong.”

Mayor Lee Dong-hwan “Reorganizing the metropolitan area rather than expanding Seoul… a grand plan that goes beyond changing administrative districts”

Mayor Oh Se-hoon and Goyang Mayor Lee Dong-hwan meet

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon and Goyang Mayor Lee Dong-hwan are exchanging greetings at a breakfast and meeting to discuss ‘Mega City Seoul’ held at Seoul City Hall on the morning of the 21st. 2023.11.21 [공동취재] [email protected]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Ki-hoon = Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon met Goyang Mayor Lee Dong-hwan on the 21st and discussed the ‘mega city’ plan, which has recently emerged as a hot political agenda for the ruling party.

The two cities plan to form a joint research group to discuss the effects of incorporation, and to continue discussions comprehensively, including ‘metropolitan area reorganization’ to improve urban competitiveness beyond simple one-to-one integration.

Mayor Oh said in his opening remarks before the meeting this morning, “Goyang City has the largest number of citizens who commute to work or go to school among cities adjacent to Seoul, is adjacent to six autonomous districts in Seoul, and has a very close relationship with Seoul by sharing various social infrastructure. “He started crying.

He continued, “Goyang City is a special city with a population of over 1 million people, and has differences from other cities in terms of authority, etc.” He continued, “The two local governments will form a joint research group to conduct an objective and scientific in-depth analysis of the effects and impacts of integration. “It is more important than anything else to create citizen consent and consensus by disclosing the results transparently,” he said.

He also said, “In the future, we will expand and reorganize the joint research group for each local government and form a tentatively named ‘Seoul City Incorporation Integrated Research Group’ in which related local governments such as Gimpo, Guri, and Goyang and the Seoul Metropolitan Government participate.”

There is a need to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of research and expand national consensus, including residents of each region, by comprehensively discussing solutions to issues discovered by individual research groups.

Mayor Oh Se-hoon reading the announcement

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon is reading an announcement while attending a breakfast and meeting to discuss ‘Mega City Seoul’ with Goyang Mayor Lee Dong-hwan held at Seoul City Hall on the morning of the 21st. 2023.11.21 [공동취재] [email protected]

Mayor Oh said that if the mega city discussion is promoted with consensus, “It will be a meaningful opportunity to improve urban competitiveness by solving metropolitan city problems,” and ordered that it should be approached from the perspective of competitiveness at the Seoul and national levels.

He further said, “For true regional balanced development, it is time to seriously expand the mega city discussion not only to the metropolitan area but also to regional areas such as Bu, Ul, Gyeong, Gwangju, Daegu, Gyeongbuk, and Daejeon, Chungcheong, and Sejong. To this end, “The city of Seoul will continue to conduct necessary research and analysis with great care,” he said, adding, “I look forward to serious discussions taking place in terms of national competitiveness.”

Mayor Lee, who has a doctorate in urban engineering, emphasized ‘metropolitan area reorganization’ that goes beyond the simple incorporation of Seoul and changes in administrative districts, and strengthens the individual competitiveness of each region while keeping pace with the global trend of mega cities.

First of all, regarding the legitimacy of mega cities, he said, “Goyang City seeks to avoid approaching mega cities from a political perspective and approach mega cities from a practical perspective of strengthening urban competitiveness.” He went on to mention that London, Tokyo, etc. are growing into mega cities as competition between cities has become global, and said, “Mega cities are not a one-off or one-off issue, but a global trend.”

He added, “Seoul has unrivaled competitiveness. It is a task and necessity of the times as the competitiveness of the metropolitan area is the competitiveness of the Republic of Korea.”

In this process, he also expressed a critical stance on the division of Gyeonggi Province into South and North Gyeonggi Province promoted by Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Dong-yeon, saying, “It is not desirable to divide and divide the region without forming awareness or consensus on these major premises.”

Mayor Lee emphasized that it is a special city with a cat population of over 1 million, and explained, “As a special city, in order to play a leading role in strengthening the competitiveness of the entire metropolitan area, we want to approach it from the perspective and perspective of reorganizing the metropolitan area rather than incorporating or expanding Seoul.” did.

Regarding the critical sentiment regarding the ‘Seoul concentration’ phenomenon, he pointed out, “Externally, a consensus must be established in the future in order to strengthen global competitiveness, provide growth engines, and expand citizens’ right to pursue happiness.”

He also added, “The disappearance of local regions, regional hollowing out, and serious regional imbalance between metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas are shadows of the growth of megacities,” adding, “There is a need to make it a model example of achieving differentiation while promoting coexistence between non-metropolitan areas.” .

In particular, Mayor Lee said, “There are concerns that the one-on-one negotiation method between Seoul and neighboring local governments will only expand the population or volume and will not properly achieve the fundamental goal of strengthening city competitiveness,” adding, “It goes beyond simply changing the administrative districts of a few cities. “We need to come up with a grand design and plan to reorganize the metropolitan area,” he emphasized.

At the same time, Mayor Lee proposed the formation of a tentatively named ‘metropolitan area reorganization multilateral consultative body’ including the government. He added, “The Northern Gyeonggi Special Self-Governing Province, promoted by Gyeonggi Province, can also be dissolved through the council.”

Previously, Mayor Oh met with Gimpo Mayor Kim Byeong-soo on the 6th, Guri Mayor Baek Gyeong-hyeon on the 13th, and Cho Kyung-tae, chairman of the People Power Party’s ‘New City Project Special Committee’ on the 15th, in relation to the mega city discussion, and then with Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Dong-yeon and Incheon Mayor Yoo Jeong-bok on the 16th. and had a three-party meeting. This is interpreted as a measure to find contact points for large-scale projects and expand consensus through serial meetings with the ruling party and nearby local governments.

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