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Data doesn’t lie… The driver of this vehicle has the highest safe driving score.


T-map driving data analysis results, including speeding and sudden acceleration

No. 1 Niro driver… There is a large difference in scores for foreign cars.

Results showed that Niro drivers drive the safest.


T Map Mobility announced the driving score rankings for domestic and imported cars on the 21st. This ranking was calculated by averaging the driving scores of drivers who drove more than 500 km on the T Map platform as of the end of last month by vehicle type. The target vehicles included 5,000 domestic cars and more than 4,000 imported cars.

Among domestic cars, Niro ranked first. It recorded an overwhelming score of 88 points on average. There was no significant difference in scores from 2nd to 10th, ranging from 83 to 84 points. QM6, Carnival, Ray, SM5, Sorento, Santa Fe, and Grandeur were named.

There was a large difference in scores for imported cars compared to domestic cars. Lexus ES, Tesla Model Y, Volkswagen Tiguan, and Ford Explorer, which ranked 1st to 5th, showed a slight difference with an average of 83 to 86 points, while those from 8th place recorded 70 points. The Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3 Series remained outside the rankings, scoring 77 and 74 points, respectively.


The T-map driving score is an indicator that converts the driver’s level of safe driving into a score through analysis of driving data such as speeding, rapid acceleration, and rapid deceleration. T Map Mobility encourages safe and eco-friendly driving by linking the converted score with economic benefits such as insurance premium discounts. As of this year, T-App special contract products are provided by 9 out of 12 automobile insurance companies in Korea.

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