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President Yoon holds a grand official welcoming ceremony during his ‘state visit to the UK’… Go to the golden carriage


President Yoon Seok-yeol, who was on a state visit to the United Kingdom, was welcomed at an official welcoming ceremony held at Horseguards Square in London.

After the welcome ceremony, we traveled to Buckingham Palace in a golden carriage with King Charles III.

This is reporter Choi Ji-sook.


A grand official welcoming ceremony was held at Horseguards Square in London for President Yoon, who was on a state visit to the UK.

This year marks the 140th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and the UK, and it is the first time that King Charles III has invited a state guest since his coronation in May.

Earlier, President Yoon exchanged pleasantries with Prince William and his wife, who welcomed him to his residence, and then moved to the official welcoming ceremony venue in a Bentley limousine, the royal ceremonial vehicle.

President Yoon arrived at the welcoming ceremony with First Lady Kim Kun-hee and greeted the British royal family and government officials with a bright smile.

A 41-gun salute was fired as a sign of respect, and President Yoon, who was inspected by the royal guards while Arirang rang out, boarded a golden carriage led by a white horse.

A total of seven carriages were prepared, and President Yoon rode in a carriage with King Charles, and First Lady Kim Kun-hee and Queen Camilla each headed to Buckingham Palace.

The national anthem was also played during the march.

President Yoon is also scheduled to hold a Korea-UK summit during this state visit.

On the 22nd, local time, a meeting is expected to be held with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the official residence at 10 Downing Street and the ‘Downing Street Agreement’ will be adopted.

The President’s Office said that the agreement will elevate Korea-Britain relations to a global strategic partnership and include a common position on major issues, including the North Korean nuclear issue.

This is Choi Ji-sook from Yonhap News TV in London, England.

President Yoon Seok-yeol United Kingdom State Guest Charles III

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