National Defense Commission disciplines MBC for reporting ‘Biden-flip’ at ‘highest level’

National Defense Commission disciplines MBC for reporting ‘Biden-flip’ at ‘highest level’
National Defense Commission disciplines MBC for reporting ‘Biden-flip’ at ‘highest level’
▲Photo: MBC News Desk report screen aired on September 22, 2022

The Korea Communications Standards Commission has decided to impose a fine, the highest level of disciplinary action, on MBC’s so-called ‘Biden-flying’ report that arose during President Yoon Seok-yeol’s visit to the United States in 2022.

At the meeting held on the 20th, only three of the five members attended, including passport-recommended Chairman Ryu Hee-rim, standing member Hwang Seong-wook, and Lee Jeong-ok.

The Broadcasting Deliberation Subcommittee of the National Defense Commission recently began deliberation on pending matters after the court ruled in favor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the first trial that MBC’s report was false because President Yoon’s remarks were not clear enough to be confirmed in the audio review. .

MBC reported President Yoon’s remarks on ’12 MBC News’ and ‘MBC News Desk’ and wrote the subtitle ‘(United States)’ in front of ‘National Assembly’ and then added the subtitle ‘If you don’t do it, Biden will.’ In fact, he refuted that he said, ‘If you don’t do it and blow it up,’ he was referring to our National Assembly, not the U.S. Congress.

MBC said, “We requested an explanation on the 22nd, but no statement was made until 16 hours later. We will appeal.”

YTN also did not take any corrective measures and only copied the first trial ruling, and during the process of expressing its opinions, it expressed an opinion to the effect that the review committee’s deliberation was curtailing freedom of the press, and a heavy disciplinary action, ‘disciplinary action against the officials’, was decided.

After the first trial ruling, KBS and other companies that posted corrections, corrections, or apologies received relatively mild sanctions.

OBS, which modified or apologized for the broadcast content, decided on ‘Caution’, KBS, SBS, TV Chosun, and MBN decided on ‘Recommendation’, and Channel A decided on ‘Offer Opinion’.

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