‘British man Ray’, a Korean girlfriend’s revealing post

‘British man Ray’, a Korean girlfriend’s revealing post

Photo = Captured from YouTube’s ‘British Man’

Lay appeared in a video of a British man in June of last year and reviewed food while eating Korean snacks.

However, on the 12th, a video titled ‘The shocking revelations of a ‘Korean girlfriend’ who developed from a British male fan to a lover was posted on the Taldeok concentration camp YouTube channel on the 12th.

On this day, a YouTuber said, “At the dawn of July 11, Lay’s Korean girlfriend started posting revealing posts on Instagram.”

Lay has been asking her Korean girlfriend for expensive products as a gift, and her girlfriend has released a list of various luxury goods that she has given so far.

According to the girlfriend’s revelation, Ray received various luxury items such as Dior sneakers, Louis Vuitton bracelets and pants, and even asked for a Rolex watch as a gift. I also used to write swarms.

Photo = YouTube Taldeok camp capture

However, there was another decisive reason why the girlfriend decided to expose it. This is because when Ray came to Korea to film a British man, she met another girl through the blind dating app ‘Tinder’ and spent the night with her, and her girlfriend found out about it. Her girlfriend made the revelations, adding that she added, “Asian women, beware.”

After that, Ray, who noticed the revelation, threatened suicide and told him to stop, and his girlfriend asked him to sincerely apologize. Ray also threatened to hire a lawyer. However, on the afternoon of the 11th, the two suddenly started dating again, and the girlfriend seemed to have reconciled with each other by making her SNS account private.

Currently, Ray Kula (real name Ray) has withdrawn from Instagram, her girlfriend’s SNS account is private, and netizens are paying attention to whether Ray’s footage will be uploaded in a new video of ‘British Man’.

In this regard, the recent video of ‘British Man’ continues to receive protest comments related to Ray. Netizens said, “I’m canceling my subscription,” “Please give me a notice right now.” “Don’t you have enough time to post an announcement?” “Are you very Korean?” etc are reacting.

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