KB Kookmin Bank to hold 10,000 ‘live concert’ in September

KB Kookmin Bank to hold 10,000 ‘live concert’ in September
KB Kookmin Bank to hold 10,000 ‘live concert’ in September

KB Kookmin Bank will hold the ‘2022 Liiv Concert’ at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul on September 23rd. ‘Liiv Concert’, which marks its 5th anniversary this year, is a large-scale cultural event that has been held since the first time in 2016 to communicate with the MZ generation.

The ‘2022 Liiv Concert’, which will be held for the first time in three years since it was suspended due to COVID-19, will feature top-class artists such as Psy, NCT DREAM, Loco, Gray, Heize, and Kepler to present an all-time performance. Sewoon Jeong and Doyeon Kim will appear as MCs, and about 10,000 customers who use major financial platforms such as KB Star Banking and Live Next and MZ generation products and services will be invited.

In particular, this concert is an eco-friendly ‘ESG concert’, and eco-friendly items such as a plugging bag and biodegradable plastic bottled water are provided to the audience. In addition, the banners used in the performance hall will be recycled into pouches and presented to the audience through a separate event after the performance.

Concert tickets will be distributed through six ‘2022 Liiv Concert Ticket Events’. Events include ▲KB Star Banking Event (3800 copies) ▲Live Next Event (1800 copies) ▲Liiv M communication plan event (1900 copies) ▲Student ID Check Card & KB PAY Event (550 copies) ▲Nara Sarang Card Event (450 copies) ▲KB Star Banking foreign currency money box exchange event (600 sheets).

Detailed information can be found on the website of KB Kookmin Bank, KB Star Banking, and Live Next.

A KB Kookmin Bank official said, “We decided to hold this concert to create a place where the MZ generation and the older generation can culturally empathize and harmonize through various genres of music.” We ask for a lot of participation and interest as there are also artists that we can enjoy.”

/ Fortune Korea Reporter Gong Gong-ho [email protected]

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