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▲’The Return of Superman’ Kim Jun-ho’s son Eun-woo (Photo Credit=KBS 2TV)

29-year-old Kim Jun-ho reveals his home and daily life with his son Eun-woo.

On KBS2TV’s ‘The Return of Superman’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Shodol’), which will be broadcast on the 26th, Kim Jun-ho, the national fencing representative, goes on an outing to the baby pool with his 10-month-old son Eun-woo.

Kim Jun-ho is the first 20-year-old father in the history of ‘Shodol’, showing the childrearing of a young father. Eun-woo resembles his father, Kim Jun-ho, boasting big eyes and a pointed nose. Eun-woo, who has a gentle appearance like a baby angel, resembles a fencer’s father and even possesses strong thighs.

▲’The Return of Superman’ Kim Jun-ho’s son Eun-woo (Photo Credit=KBS 2TV)

Kim Jun-ho challenges the feeding of baby food, showing his confidence that his son Eun-woo has a docile personality, so parenting will be easier than exercising. Unlike Kim Jun-ho’s exciting attitude, Eun-woo shuts his mouth tightly and does not eat baby food, embarrassing Kim Jun-ho.

Kim Jun-ho, an active player, had seen Eun-woo less than 10 times due to living in the dormitory, so he was not good at raising children. In response, Jun-ho Kim mobilized all means to feed the baby food, such as making Eun-woo’s interest by making the sound of an airplane with his mouth.

Next, Kim Jun-ho prepares Eun-woo’s snacks. On this day, Kim Jun-ho, sharply wielding a fencing knife, is nowhere to be seen, showing his clumsiness in cutting watermelons. Eun-woo grabs a fruit snack prepared by his father Jun-ho Kim and eats it with his hands, announcing the birth of a new mukbang fairy. Furthermore, Kim Jun-ho wears a couple look with Eun-woo, and even challenges a baby pool outing with excitement.

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