Orders for delivery to ‘Cheering House’ are on fire… Delivery app ‘delay/unavailable in some areas’

Orders for delivery to ‘Cheering House’ are on fire… Delivery app ‘delay/unavailable in some areas’
Orders for delivery to ‘Cheering House’ are on fire… Delivery app ‘delay/unavailable in some areas’

Baemin guides delivery delays on the screen when the app is running, and Coupang Eats guides delivery failures when selecting a desired delivery area. (provided by readers)

Deliveries of Baedal Minjok and Coupang Eats are being delayed in Seoul and some areas in Gyeonggi-do as delivery orders are flocking to the Qatar World Cup match between the Korean national team and Uruguay.

According to Baemin on the 24th, as the order rushed ahead of the game on this day, payment of some customers slowed down from 8:35 pm and orders failed. It was immediately taken care of, and as of 10:00 p.m., it is currently operating normally.

Baemin is guiding delivery delays through the app access screen.

Through the pop-up ‘Information on delay of order due to the World Cup’, Baemin said, “It is difficult to receive orders and pay at the store due to the large number of orders due to the World Cup.”

Coupang Eats is currently restricting delivery in some areas of Gwanghwamun. Most of them are from the Gwanghwamun Outdoor Plaza, where outdoor cheering on the street is held. On this day, about 15,000 people will gather around Yukjo Square on the north side of Gwanghwamun, including the Red Devils.

As of 9:30 pm on this day, delivery is not possible in the Gwanghwamun area, Jongno-gu, Seoul. When a consumer accesses the Coupang Eats app and selects this area as a delivery destination, a message saying ‘Delivery is not possible’ appears.

Meanwhile, major domestic delivery app companies have an emergency work system in place, fearing that visitors will be crowded during game hours.

In order to provide stable service, Baemin strengthened pre-monitoring according to the event (game) schedule and took measures to increase server (cloud infrastructure) capacity according to the situation.

Coupang Eats also conducts emergency work to strengthen monitoring and respond quickly. Yogiyodo is preparing an internal response plan in preparation for an influx of orders.

Usually, delivery orders increase on days when there is a major sporting event, which sometimes causes server failures. On Christmas Eve 2020, an error occurred in the delivery driver app for about 4 hours due to Baemin server failure, and in Malbok last year, service failure occurred for about an hour in Yogiyo due to increased access.

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