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The 8th Korea International Photo Festival (KIPF) will be held from September 9th at Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center

The Korea International Photo Festival (KIPF), where you can see contemporary photographic art at a glance while pursuing new attempts and changes, will be held at Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center.

The theme of this year’s Korea International Photo Festival is Meta Reality: Beyond the Reality. The exhibition period is from September 9th to September 15th.

▲ Anna Lim Simulation of tragedy #18

The main exhibition, composed of the works of major domestic and foreign artists, presents a variety of works by Canadian, German, Italian, Korean, and Norwegian artists who are constantly presenting and active in world-renowned works.

A representative artist is Giacomo Costa, an Italian artist who has received worldwide attention at the Venice Biennale, and will present the latest works of contemplation and reflection on reality through a huge, infinitely-expanded building. Andreas Meixner, who humorously shows the ironic landscape of modern people who participate in simulated reality experiences for leisure time, and Rune Guneriussen, who creates another reality by installing artificial lighting and objects in natural spaces, and other fairy tales. Viktoria Sorochinsky’s work, which expresses the relationship between the conscious and the subconscious, as well as the experiences and bonds of childhood, through storytelling that is like seeing, also adds depth and fun. As a Korean artist, Anna Lim, who shows the real social disasters and tragedies of the time, and the anxiety that arises between the media, participates.

▲ Rune Guneriussen (Norway)_Protest art on separation

Artistic director Yang Jeong-ah, who is in charge of the theme exhibition, said, “Through various photographic perspectives, we want to present various questions and visions about the essential world beyond the uncertain reality of what is real and what is virtual.”

▲ Andreas Meichsner (Germany)_Victory Show #1461, Cosby

This year’s special exhibition is divided into two sections, “The Future of Media Photography” and “The Value of Schools” under the theme of “Yesterday’s Window, Tomorrow’s Door”. In section 1 of , a video sublimated into visual art by Gwi-seop Park, who works under the stage name of Baki, is presented with the gestures of a dancer. In Section 2, you can see the educational scene in China and Korea vividly through the series of “Hope of Hope” by Chinese author Xe Hailong and “Wildflower Branch School” by Kang Jae-hoon.

In addition to this, the KIPF viewfinder exhibition, where you can gauge the future of various Korean photography, is presented under five different themes: .

▲ Giacomo Costa (Italy) Atmosfera n.13

In addition, Korea Photo, which is the only photo fair event of the festival and the only photo fair event in the festival where you can enjoy organic and colorful photos by gathering various domestic and foreign works in one place, provides an opportunity for photo collection in the vivid photo scene. . In addition, it is full of various works and attractions by domestic and foreign photographers, such as the All That Photo Book, where you can see photo books of Chinese photographers introduced for the first time in Korea to mark the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Korea and China this year.

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